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Top AI & Machine Learning Companies For Startups,SMEs

Build world-class software development solutions from top AI & Machine Learning Companies

A large number of top artificial intelligence & machine learning companies have arrived in the Indian market. So, India has become a centre of talented and smart AI & machine learning developers who are delivering world-class software development solutions to their clients.

However, there is a tough competition in this domain making it difficult for business owners in choosing the best machine learning companies for their business.

So, I have considered some parameters to prepare the list of top Artificial intelligence companies and machine learning startups. Some of these are named below:

-> Reviews from good websites

-> Proven history

-> Money back guarantee

-> Years of experience

-> Diversified portfolio

-> Technical experience

In this blog, you will find the list of top 10 AI companies and machine learning startups for your business progress:

1) Technostacks Infotech Pvt.Ltd (One of the best AI companies  in India)

Pricing: < $25/hr

Location: India

Employees: 50 - 249

Founded: 2014

Technostacks is an ISO-certified machine learning company and member of NASSCOM, based in India. We offer the best of web-based models and services around the world. Professional technology experts build high-end technologies to meet the commercial and market needs of customers.

Its AI application developers create advanced algorithms that can help your company take advantage of the structured and unstructured data they collect from various business activities. This helps companies optimize their revenue streams.

2) ValueCoders ( One of the best machine learning companies in India)

Pricing: Starting from $10/hr

Location: India/USA

Employees: 400-450

Founded: 2004

When looking for the top AI companies in India, ValueCoders can be your exact choice. It is an Indian software development company focused on one thing, that is, on offshore software development services.

With more than 13 years of business experience and more than 450 developers, they have worked with startups, software product development companies, digital agencies and companies to help simplify their IT outsourcing experience and reduce costs / time to commercialization.

ValueCoders is there to help you with all the types of machine learning development services that your company needs, such as the application of general accounting transactions and digital cash systems.

3) Endive Software ( One of the top  machine learning companies in India)

Pricing: < $25/hr

Location: India, United States

Employees: 50 - 249

Founded: 2008

Endive Software Passion, Experience and Professionalism. These three together have built the timeless foundation of Endive Software. Endive Software is a potential provider of business solutions that provides the best services of its kind aimed at increasing profits for companies and the best value for customers.

They have a well-established team of skilled professionals who have experience in the latest innovative technologies and are able to offer state-of-the-art solutions for every specific business need

4)   Space-O Technologies (One of the top AI companies in India)

Pricing: $25 - $49/hr

Location: India, Russia

Employees: 250 - 999

Founded: 2010

Space-O is a comprehensive solution for all your mobile software development needs. Space-O offers, from concept to development, commercialization and continuous maintenance. They are now one of the leading machine learning companies in India following the success mantra of Design-led-Engineering.

At Space-O Technologies, they have already started using Core ML functions for the development of machine learning applications. In fact, they have created an image recognition application that identifies whether or not an image that is being loaded contains adult content.

5) WebNest Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Top machine learning startups in India)

Pricing: < $25/hr

Location: India

Employees: 50-60

Founded: 2012

They develop applications that stand out from the crowd. They are the fastest growing mobile application development company. Its customer base ranges from small to medium-sized businesses, including startups.

Your customers benefit from the competitive prices for our quality services. They work closely with customers to understand their requirements and suggest cost-effective, scalable and robust mobile solutions. They specialize in mobile application development, machine learning, development of artificial intelligence applications, etc.

6) RIT Solution ( One of the top machine learning companies in India)

Pricing: < $25/hr

Location: India

Employees: 50-80

Founded: 2016

RIT Solution is a digital marketing company based in Jaipur and Gurgaon that is about to become one of the best AI companies to provide excellent business solutions. They understand the requirements to create a brand and offer flexible, robust and scalable digital marketing and development services.

To date, they have served renowned clients in a variety of sectors, such as start-ups, corporations, NGOs, hotels and resorts, real estate companies, catering and event management companies, and many more.

7) iPraxa Inc ( One of the top machine learning startups in India)

Pricing: < $25/hr

Location: United States, India

Employees: 50 - 249

Founded: 2004

iPraxa was started in 2004 with only five people and now it has become an innovative team of more than 40 professional geniuses. They are designers, developers, quality testers and mobility experts who do not leave any stone to please our customers with their exceptional services of mobile application development and web applications.

They are in year 14 of business and have developed more than 8000 websites and mobile applications for more than 4000 global customers.

8) ThoughtSpot  (One of the top AI companies in India)

Pricing:  $100 - $149/hr

Location: India, United States

Employees: 250 - 999

Founded: 2012

ThoughtSpot's AI-driven analytics platform puts the power of a thousand analysts in the hands of every business person. With ThoughtSpot, you can use the search to easily analyze your data or automatically obtain reliable information in a single click.

ThoughtSpot connects to any local, cloud, big data or desktop data source and is implemented 85 percent faster than legacy technologies.

9) Cygnet Infotech ( One of the top AI companies in India)

Pricing: $50 - $99/hr

Location: India, United States

Employees: 250 - 999

Founded: 2000

Cygnet is a reliable technology company with a proven track record of 18 years, which has provided more than 1400 valuable software solutions to its customers around the world. Cygnet constantly exceeds customer expectations based on its experience in a comprehensive technology stack that includes Microsoft, Java, Mobile, PHP, Cloud, Testing, CMS platforms and emerging technologies, along with experience spanning various industries.

Its digital services adopt the best strategic and consultative approach of its kind with future perspectives that provide imagination, knowledge and experience, and help you make your Digital Transformation journey smoother.

10) GoodWorkLabs (Top machine learning in India)

Pricing: $50 - $99/hr

Location: India, United States

Employees: 50 - 249

Founded: 2013

GoodWorkLabs is a software and design laboratory for the new award-winning era and world leader that offers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers around the world. They are different in various ways, have a highly talented design and development team and are passionate about making your product a great success.

At GoodWorkLabs, they have analyzed and understood their potential. And as with other technologies, they are prepared and prepared to take advantage of the potential of AI.


So far we have seen the list of leading machine learning companies from which you can choose the one that best suits your business requirements. This list will surely help you make an appropriate decision to choose among the best machine learning startups or top AI companies.

Now, I can hope that this list would surely help you find the best AI companies in India to work on your innovative idea of your projects. If you have already worked with any of the above mentioned companies then feel free to give any suggestions and also share it in the comments section.

Please note: This list is still in progress mode and all your good suggestions are welcome here. Now, if you wish to recommend better machine learning companies, please mention in the comments section and add reasons why to include that in the list.


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