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Top 15 Best Python IDEs/Tools to Use in 2020

By Ruchika Aggarwal|29th Apr 2020
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Top 15 Python IDEs/Tools to Use in 2020?

Best Python IDE

Python is one of the most preferable languages used by millions of software developers nowadays. It was introduced in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. In recent years, Python has gained enormous popularity due to its simple features including, ease of readability and understanding of code, automating repetitive tasks, and efficient and fast.

Python is widely deployed for creating websites and applications, mainly in big data operations. This language is suitable for both beginners and advanced coders with a variety of libraries, in-built extensions, and plugins to ease the task of program execution.

To make the job of running Python programs easier, various Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been created for software developers. Today, in our blog we will discuss the best Python IDEs to use in 2020 for your software application development.

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What are the top 15 Best Python IDE to be Used in 2020 ?

Pycharm IDE

Type: IDE

First release year- 2010

Last release year- October 2019

Operating System- macOS/Linux/Windows

Pycharm is an IDE developed by JetBrains and deployed to program in Python. It stands out from the competition because of its productive tools, including quick fixes. It is one of the best Python IDEs to use for creating applications. It is available in three versions i.e. the Educational (Edu) version, Apache-licensed Community version, and the proprietary professional version.

The first two versions are open-source thus cost nothing, while the Professional version is not free.

What are the Features of Pycharm Python IDE ?

  • It has syntax highlighting & Live code verification
  • It has an auto-completion and full database management tool
  • It supports JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS and other languages
  • Powerful integration with IPython notebook and scientific stack

What are the Advantages of Pycharm Python IDE ?

  • It offers a smart Operating System to the software developers to help them in auto code completion, quick fixing, and error detection.
  • By offering multiple framework support it helps in cost-saving.
  • Pycharm provides a cross-operating System development advantage in which developers can easily write a script on various Operating Systems.
  • It comes with a feature of a customizing interface which in turn augments productivity.

What are the Disadvantages of Pycharm Python IDE ?

  • Slow loading time
  • The default setting may need adjustment before existing projects can be used.

Popular Companies using Pycharm Python IDE ?

Twitter, HP, Thoughtworks, GROUPON, and Telephonic.

Visual Studio Code Python

Type: Source code editor

First release year- 2015

Last release year- December 2019

Operating System- Linux/Windows/macOS

Visual studio code is developed by Microsoft for Windows Linus and OS. It is an open-source platform and released under MIT license. It is available for commercial purpose as well. It is easily customizable and has a rich set of extensions that can be integrated to improve the functionalities. It is the second best python IDE and a source code editor.

Visual studio code is based on electron which is a framework to create Node JS applications for the computer working on the Blink browser engine.

What are the Features of Visual Studio Code (Python IDE) ?

  • It supports auto code complete and syntax highlighting features with IntelliSense which completes syntax based on function, variable types, and definition.
  • Visual studio is highly customizable and extensible through which we can add debuggers, languages, and themes.
  • It has a powerful debugger and the developer can debug from the editor itself.
  • It has a strong bond with GIT which helps the user to perform GIT operations, such as push, common straight from the editor itself.

What are the Advantages of Visual Studio Code (Python IDE)?

  • It offers multi-language support and various other functionalities which the other languages don’t possess.
  • It has a smart interface and good layout.
  • It permits the use of various plugins which a software developer can get from the VS code marketplace for its customization.
  • It supports the deployment of a multi-split window and vertical orientation feature.

Disadvantages of Visual Studio Code (Python IDE) ?

  • VS Code is not really suitable for handling large code files
  • Difficulty to find the extension that best suits your needs due to the thousands of extensions available.
  • Searching with visual studio code is quite slow.
  • Initially, it takes an ample amount of time to launch.

Popular Companies using Visual Source Code (Python IDE)

The Delta Group, TwentyEight, Inc., Focus Ponte Global, Creative Mettle, and National Audubon Society, Inc.


Type: Source Code Editor

First release year- 2014

Operating System- macOS, Linux, Windows

Atom is widely adopted across the globe due to its user-friendly interface. It is an open-source and freely available best python IDE. It is developed by Github and contains in-built GIT support which works across various Operating Systems. It is lightweight and has a huge number of plugins and extensions readily available to perform advanced analysis and decoding in Python.

Atom is a great editor as it has “cheats” for every issue. It is also known as a “hackable” text editor of the 21st century.

What are the Features of Atom (Python IDE) ?

  • It packages Manager Integrated for various plugins support
  • It has smart auto-completion and syntax highlighting tool
  • It can be used in multiple panes and supports command palette
  • It also allows cross-Operating System editing

What are the Advantages of Atom (Python IDE) ?

  • It is a novice-friendly comprehensive package manager with in-built Git and GitHub integrations
  • It offers a well-documented support library and community-oriented user experience.
  • It has a sizeable and fully customizable interface
  • It offers almost everything that a VS code can offer.

What are the Disadvantages of Atom (Python IDE) ?

  • The excessive RAM consumption and sizeable memory footprint
  • Not good for handling large code files
  • It needs further improvement in optimization and system latency.

Popular Companies using Atom (Python IDE) ?

Accenture, Hubspot, Figma, Lyft, and Typeform.


Type- IDE

First release year- December 1998

Operating System- Linux/Unix, macOS, and Windows

IDLE is one of the best Python IDEs. This tool is very easy to use for programmers. IDLE is another best python IDE, introduced in 1998 by Guido Van Rossum. It has everything you require, with easy to learn features. It is coded in Python and integrates the lightweight Tkinter toolkit to design its GUI.

It is widely adopted by beginners and experienced software developers who are looking for fast and speedy python IDE.

What are the Features of IDLE Python IDE ?

  • It can search for multiple files
  • It has an interactive interpreter with colourizing of input, output, and error messages.
  • It supports undo, call tips, smart indent, and auto-completion.
  • It helps in searching and replacing within a window.

What are the Advantages of IDLE Python IDE ?

  • It has a practical Python shell, that helps you to play around with code snippets.
  • It has very nicely coloured keywords and outputs which the majority of programmers appreciate.
  • It supports using both spaces and tabs for indentation.
  • It can automatically indent multiple lines.

What are the Disadvantages of IDLE Python IDE ?

Honestly, there is no substantial disadvantage of using IDLE.

Popular Companies using IDLE Python IDE

Google, Wikipedia, CERN, Yahoo, and NASA.

Spyder IDE

Type- IDE

First release year- October 2009

Last release year- December 2019

Operating System - macOS, Linux, Windows

Spyder, original name Pydee, is also considered as the easiest and best python IDE, written in Python codes that can be used for analysis, code editing, and debugging. With additional APIs and plugins, developers can extend their functionalities. It is an open-source Operating System and available for free.

The online community helps the programmers or coders and Spyder rich documentation aids in solving the errors quickly.

What are the Features of Spyder Python IDE ?

  • It helps coders to run Python code by line, cell, or file.
  • It provides an automatic code competition and vertical/horizontal splitting facility.
  • It finds and eliminates bottlenecks.
  • It is an interactive way to track and trace each step of Python code deployment.

What are the Advantages of Spyder Python IDE ?

  • It plots a time-series or histogram that makes changes in NumPy array or dateframe.
  • It provides a unique combination of advanced editing, analysis, debugging, in-depth inspection, and interactive execution.
  • It has the visualization capabilities of a software package, including variable explorer, interactive console, documentation viewer, and other development tools.
  • It has community support and is rich in development tool facilities.

What are the Disadvantages of Spyder Python IDE ?

  • Execution and optional dependencies are not a cup of tea for many programmers.

Eclipse and Pydev

Type- Source editor code

First release year- Eclipse- 2001 and Pydev- 2003

Last release year- Eclipse (2019-12)and Pydev - April 2019

Operating System- Windows, macOS, Linux

PyDev works as a third-party plugin with Eclipse and it is deployed for python programming. It is an open-source IDE that backs code analysis and debugging along with interpreting Python codes and code refactoring. The premium version contains an additional feature that permits quick bug fixes and remotes debugging of errors in Python code.

This tool supports IronPython and Jython. They can be used for advanced inference technique, allowing for analysis and code completion.

What are the Features of Eclipse and PyDev Python IDE ?

  • It has an interactive console shortcuts
  • It automatically imports code to complete it.
  • It helps in configuring Django integration.
  • It helps you to create a Google App Engine (GAE) Python project

What are the Advantages of Eclipse and PyDev Python IDE ?

  • PyDev and Eclipse, when deployed as a Python IDE, are very easy to start.
  • They have the analysis and code completion capabilities that every programmer loves.
  • They being one of the best python IDEs, are very easy to learn and also includes features, such as Jython, CPython, and IronPython.
  • They strongly support intermediate programming.

What are the Disadvantages of PyDev and Eclipse Python IDE ?

  • The user interface is not very enriching and sometimes PyDev becomes unstable.
  • If you are a beginner then deploying Eclipse will be difficult.

Companies using PyDev and Eclipse Python IDE

Hike, Edify, Accenture, Wongnai, and Webedia.

Rodeo Python IDE

Type- IDE

First release year- 2016

Last release year- January 2017

Operating System- Windows, macOS, Linux

Rodeo Python is used for machine learning and ML programming and expected to be increasing in the coming years. This tool is built for machine learning and data science. Being one of the best python IDEs, Rodeo helps in exploring and interacting with the data and plots. It has similar features like Spyder and runs on the IPython Kernel.

It is designed to be a lightweight and simple alternative to the Ipython Notebook. It not only runs on the browser smoothly but also has the keyboard shortcuts and interactivity to make it more like a native app.

What are the Features of Rodeo Python IDE ?

  • It lets you write code faster as it backs Python IDE.
  • It is quite famous because of its ability due to which users can compare, learn, and interact with the data frames and Plots easily.
  • Similar to Geany’s editor, this tool also has an editor that has the facility of syntax highlighting and auto-completion.
  • It comes with Python tutorials and cheat sheets for reference which is a great help for python beginners.

What are the Advantages of Rodeo Python IDE ?

  • It can be used for presentations and tutorials
  • It handles the communication between the python and UI environment.
  • It is a native python editor made for deploying data science on the desktop.
  • It reduces the time required and also holds some basic package management and plotting views.

What are the Disadvantages of Rodeo Python IDE ?

  • Lack of its memory and overheating issue.
  • It has been abandoned by its programmers and not been updated over time.

Sublime Text Source Code Editor

Type- Source Code editor

First release year- January 2008

Last release year- October 2019

Operating System- Linux, Windows, macOS

Sublime Text is a code editor which supports various languages, such as Python. It usually has built-in support for Python. Its customization is available for creating a full-fledged python programming environment. It is another widely used code editor that supports all the Operating System.

It is developed on Python and C++ along with Python API. This code editor has in-built support for Python code editing and includes hundreds of extensions (packages) which can extend its functionalities. Due to such reasons, it is included in the best python IDEs list.

What are the Features of Sublime Text Python IDE ?

  • It is highly customizable and powerful API
  • It is small, fast, and well-supported
  • It allows instant and spilt editing project switch
  • It reaches to anything for quick navigations to lines, symbols, and words.

What are the Advantages of Sublime Text Python IDE ?

  • It’s a minimal and discreet interface that helps in focusing more on the text rather than on a myriad of toolbars.
  • It lets you work on multi-screen, full-screen, and side-by-side file editing.
  • It offers different plug-ins and packages that make it a high-quality and powerful tool.
  • It is very fast and has a few bugs.

What are the Disadvantages of Sublime Text Python IDE ?

  • It goes through JSON and is quite difficult to modify.
  • Learning the shortcuts can also be quite a time-consuming task.

Companies using Sublime Text Python IDE

Starbucks, Myntra, Trivago, Stack, and Zapier.

VIM Source Code Editor

Type- Source Code Editor

First release year- 1991

Last release year- December 2019

Operating System - Unix, macOS, Windows

VIM is the 5th widely adopted and best Python IDE with more than 25.0% of devs using. It allows the manipulation of text files. It differs from other editors and can be used for modifying or creating every type of text. It is highly configurable and a stable text editor. With every new update, it gets better and better.

It has three basic modes i.e. Normal or command, Insert mode, and Command-line mode.

What are the Features of Vim (Python IDE) ?

  • Extensive plugins and highly configurable
  • It is very persistent and supports multiple Operating Systems.
  • It supports various languages programming
  • It saves and reuses the strings in VIM

What are the Advantages of VIM (Python IDE) ?

  • It offers a highly-regarded user experience with the support of the community.
  • The support, recognition, and conversion of file formats, including, MS-DOS, UNIX, and MAC are also practical.
  • It provides editing mode to the programmer
  • It also supports non-programming applications.

What are the Disadvantages of VIM (Python IDE) ?

  • It lacks in offering innovative features

Popular Companies using VIM (Python IDE) ?

Thoughtbot, On the beach, Starbucks, Swat.io, and Zapier


Type- IDE

First release date- February 2015

Operating System- macOS, Linux, and Windows

Jupyter is a nonprofit organization created to "develop open-source software, open-standards, and services for interactive computing across dozens of programming languages". Spun-off from IPython in 2014 by Fernando Pérez, Project Jupyter supports execution environments in several dozen languages.

It is easy to deploy, interactive data science IDE across various programming languages that don’t work only as an editor, but also as a presentation or educational tool.

What are the Features of Jupyter Python IDE ?

  • It combines text, code, and images.
  • It integrates data science libraries ( NumPy, matplotlib, Pandas)
  • It supports various programming languages.
  • It also supports data cleaning, statistical modelling, machine learning, Numerical simulation, and data visualization.

What are the Advantages of using Jupyter Python IDE ?

  • It allows the users to view code results in-line without depending on other parts of the code.
  • It helps the programmers to work on large data sets for analysis.
  • The architecture of this language is independent. The decoupling between kernel and client makes it possible to design kernels in any language.
  • It helps the users to control input sources for code and offer feedback directly on the browser.

What are the Disadvantages of using Jupyter Python IDE ?

  • It is very tough to test long asynchronous tasks
  • It is less secure and runs the cell out of order.

Popular Companies of Using Jupyter Python IDE

Google, Bloomberg, Microsoft, IBM, and Soundcloud.

Thonny Python IDE

Type- IDE

Stable release year- January 2, 2020

Operating System- Mac OS, Linux, and Windows

Thonny is specially designed for beginners, as it provides a step-by-step Operating System for python programming. Millions of software developers and beginners have acknowledged Thonny as one of the best python IDEs. It is a lightweight python IDE that helps Python beginners with navigation and interface functionality. It has a powerful debugger that aids in learning the outs and ins of coding without concerning breakpoints.

The debugger can present the state of variables as the program starts. It lets you take large or small steps through the program, which is good if you are tracking down tough to find the bugs.

What are the Features of Thonny Python IDE ?

  • It has an automatic indent facility that helps in delineating loops, functions, clauses, and classes.
  • It will autocomplete the code and offers parentheses/bracket matching.
  • It also aids in highlighting any syntax error.
  • It includes a new version of Raspbian which will help if you have a Raspberry Pi project.

What are the Advantages of Thonny Python IDE ?

  • It allows programmers to view their code and shell commands affect the Python variable.
  • It provides support for evaluating an expression.
  • The python function call starts a new window with a separate local variables table as well as a code pointer.
  • It has a simple and clean GUI

What are the Disadvantages of Thonny Python IDE ?

  • It is a bit tricky to install if you are not very much familiar with Python packages and in particular pip.
  • It lacks support for templates and has a limited interface to text editing.


Type- IDE

Stable release year- November 1, 2018

Operating System- Linux, macOS, and Windows


This is a powerful cross-Operating System IDE, which is like IDLE, and named as Eric Idle, written in Python and deploys the QT library. Though Python is its objective, Eric offers excellent support to Ruby and other various languages too. It supports code completion, code folding, and brace matching too.

It has built-in TODO list generation to keep a track on the activity. Powerful debugger, built-in Qt supporter for building GUIs via. Qt designer, and an integrated class browser makes Eric the best python IDE.

What are the Features of Eric Python IDE ?

  • It has multiple editors with customizable window layouts
  • It supports SVN and Mercurial versions along with Git support via a plugin.
  • It has a project and task management facility along with syntax highlighting and version control.
  • It has an integration with Unittest, CORBA, and Google Protocol Buffers.

What are the Advantages of Eric Python IDE ?

  • It has an integrated web browser, autocorrect, and highlight array facility.
  • It has highly advanced tools where you can manage all sorts of your project.
  • It includes extensions and a drug-in system that helps in directly downloading from the IDE.
  • It has an in-built hex editor, icon designer, and SQL browser.

What are the Disadvantages of Eric Python IDE ?

  • GUI is not that easy and visual to work with
  • It has multiple plugins that sometimes cause performance issues.

Popular companies using Eric Python IDE

Bristosoft, FLUENT, Climpact, Gymglish, and TPC.

Wing Python IDE

Type- IDE

First release date - September 7, 2000

Stable release date- March 30, 2020

Operating system- Windows, OS, Linux

Wing, is a collection of IDEs , created exclusively for Python coding. It has multiple platforms to work upon . It has a plethora of capabilities, including speeding up Python interpretation, debugging, and coding. Furthermore, with the paid version, you can access commercial options. It integrates a dedicated exception handling tab that helps the programmers in testing and debugging the Python code efficiently.

It has remote development, extensive code inspection, refactoring, and unit testing facility.

What are the Features of Wing Python IDE ?

  • It has an intelligent editor, inline error detector, and code quality analysis tool.
  • It has customizable code snippets and a cold folding tool.
  • It helps in code navigation with goto-definition and has a powerful multi-file search tool.
  • Itr supports unit testing and remote development

What are the Advantages of Wing Python IDE ?

  • Its editor supports various functions, such as split windows & configurable tables, visiting history, error indicators and editor emulation, auto-save, indentation assistance, and flexi selection modes.
  • Renaming symbols, creating a method or function from an existing code, and adding a variable for expression is supported by Wing IDE.
  • It has a source browser that helps the browser to navigate the whole code by amending or classifying the hierarchy in the existing file or the entire project.
  • Developers can debug Django templates and unit tests run from its integrated testing tool.

Disadvantages of Wing Python IDE ?

  • It does not support the dark theme.
  • It’s commercial version is quite expensive.

Popular Companies using Wing Python IDE

Facebook, Google, Intel, Apple, and NASA

ActivePython IDE

Type- IDE

Initial release year- 2000

Operating System- Linux, Windows, macOS

ActivePython is a very secure platform. It increases software development data science and supports Python distribution. It is a tool that consists of Python implemented CPython and a set of different extensions to facilitate installation. It is recently added in the best python IDEs list due to its exc;usive features and advantages.

It offers a standardized Python distribution to ensure security, license compliance, performance, and compatibility.

What are the Features of ActivePython IDE ?

  • It helps you to manage your data deploying Pandas, ScipY, MatPlotLib, and NumPy.
  • It supports you to connect with your data and database, such as MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Hadoop.
  • It is compatible with machine learning models, including Keras, Theano, and TensorFlow.
  • It supports open-source Python so that you don’t fall in vendor lock-in

What are the Advantages of ActivePython IDE ?

  • It ensures security by regularly introducing the latest secure versions of Python.
  • It is fast and more reliable than many other IDE tools.
  • It maintains consistency from desktop to production.
  • It easily complies with your organizations’ open source policies.

What are the Disadvantages of ActivePython IDE ?

  • It is quite difficult for beginners to understand, learn, and use.

Popular Companies using ActivePython IDE

UnitedHealth Group, NASA, SIEMENS, HSBC, and IBM

Cloud9 Python IDE

Type- IDE

Initial Release year - 2010

Platforms- Windows, macOS, and Linux

Cloud9 IDE is an open-source environment that supports different languages written in Javascript. It allows multiple users to write and edit the code simultaneously via. multiple cursors. It has in-built project collaboration with Bitbucket and GitHub.

It uses Pylint to track coding errors, general errors, and style errors. You can customize or apply these settings with a PyLintRC file or define them from the command line.

What are the Features of Cloud9 Python IDE ?

  • It supports Flask which is a platform for lightweight applications.
  • To work on Pylint, it offers you the Pylint-Flask Plug-in.
  • It supports Python 2 and Python 3 versions, which help you to choose the configuration part of the project.
  • It is almost written in Javascript and uses Node.js on the back-end.

Tell me the Advantages of Cloud9 Python IDE ?

  • You can write, run, and debug applications with just one browser without installing or maintaining a local IDE.
  • You can share your coding with your team in just simple clicks and pair the program together.
  • It also provides an environment for local debugging and testing AWS Lambda functions.
  • It pre-configures the development environment with all the Libraries, SDKs, and plug-ins for serverless development.

Here are some Popular Companies using Cloud9 Python IDE

Linkedin, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Mozilla, Edify, and Soundcloud.

How to choose the best Python IDE in 2020?

For beginners or experienced developers, there are lots of Python IDEs available in the market with features allowing them to discover the environment and become comfortable with the tool before moving to the next level.


Python seems to be evolving at a very fast speed and with so many python IDEs introducing in the market it becomes more valuable and relevant. After thorough brainstorming and deep research, we have shortlisted the best python IDEs to use in 2020. In case you have forget to choose one of these top companies for your Project.

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