Top 15 Business Intelligence Software Companies To Consult

If you are thinking about leveraging data for business benefits, this is the right time to work on the idea. Hire a Power bi developer from one of these leading Bi Company( Business Inelligence Software Companies )

7th May 2020
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By 2021, the global business intelligence market share is expected to grow up to $ 26.88 Billion with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 9.5%. Business intelligence is a remarkable strategy that allows businesses to make data-driven decisions by combining data mining, business analytics, data visualization, and visualization tools & techniques.  

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Source : CIO Story

In the current market place, data analysis is critical to understand customer behavior and their buying pattern. It allows businesses to gain valuable insight that helps in boosting customer engagement. 


Business intelligence is an important strategy vertex to boost customer experience. Thus, businesses have to utilize them wisely. However, it is quite strenuous without a team of experienced and trained data analysts and scientists. If you are thinking about hiring a power BI company, here I am enumerating a list of companies that use power BI.   

Let’s take a glance over Business Intelligence Software Companies. that use Business Intelligence For Acquiring Valuable Insights From Data 

1. Microsoft 

Microsoft’s list of predictive analysis and Big Data includes MS-Office Excel, SharePoint, Power BI, and SQL server. 

Through these tools, the company aims to offer data visualization and analysis services to enhance customer experience by providing an understanding of customer behavior. Each of these tools performs specific tasks in recognizing patterns in data and gaining insights.  

Microsoft shares and creates interactive data visualizations to global datacenters to meet companies’ compliance and regulation needs. It offers the fastest and largest business intelligence cloud.  

USPs: Extend protection and governance policies, Apply sensitivity labels to Power BI data, Better meet privacy and regulatory requirements, Preventive exposure for sensitive data Oversight over sensitive data.

2. Valuecoders 

Valuecoders is a top-notch software outsourcing company that offers Microsoft Power BI Services. It uses visuals and interactive dashboard for providing unmatched ease to users in using Power BI. 

It was established in 2004 and recognized for delivering incredible software outsourcing and Power BI services. Its team of developers and designers has created several remarkable product solutions for businesses’ ease. It is one of the best business intelligence software companies that provide  data analytics & development services at the most affordable price. 

USP: Unboxed approach for development, 100% money-back guarantee, Agile project development approach. 

  2. Tableau Software 

Tableau is a well-known data visualization tool known for representing data. Tableau software is a Seattle based company that leverages various data visualization products for business intelligence. 

Tableau platform has different application platforms including, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, and Tableau Server. The company enables the use of BI through robust, scalable platforms. 

It ensures to offer powerful analytics that helps in bringing bottom-line impact for different organizations. It ensures higher security, governance, and compliance. It is a top notch BI company with an expert team of professionals to cater high grade solutions. 

USPS: Smart approach to analytics, Data management add-ons. 

3. Sisense

Sisense is a well-known business analytics company having offices in New York and Tel Aviv. It allows you to gain valuable insights from End-to-End BI software through visualization and data analytics. It uses complex data through stunning dashboards. Through platforms having a drag and drop environment, it enables businesses to gain insights from data via simplified data. 

Being an expert BI company, it caters a wide range of data visualization and analytics services. The company leverages its valuable time to create, embed, and deploy business intelligence and analytics application solutions to unravel creativity and user engagement.

The company is utilizing white-labeled BI apps, self-service analytics and  user-friendly dashboards for providing the lowest TCO of industry on a hybrid cloud platform. 

USPs:  API-first cloud technology, Creates self-service analytics platform, Customization and Labeling, Entire data landscape and analysis 

4. Pentaho 

Pentaho is known for providing technology solutions via employing modern technologies. Being a part of hitachi, it aims to improve communication between the business and its customers. In the BI marketplace, it offers enhanced data pipeline management to data via modern multi cloud environments and ensures a seamless data management process.

It deploys modern architecture and reduces costs and complexities. It increases the productivity of consumer data and delivers insightful data faster across organizations. 

USPs : Being a creative BI company, it works extensively in the area of Internet of things analytics, big data integration & analytics, data integration, and business analytics. 

5. Targit 

Targit is a Denmark based  service provider BI company that believes in bringing data into life. With its developer team, it offers data analytics and predictive analysis. Being a BI company, it caters in different  streams such as airport analytics to improve travel experience, manufacturing analytics, rental rate trend, changes in customer demands, and more.  

It is top-ranked in business benefits, operational BI, mobile BI, data preparation, innovation, competitive win rate, and more. 

USPs: Proven business values, fast and low-risk implementation, reduce total cost of ownership, always available and uptodate. 

7. Birst 

It is a San Francisco based company that offers support for business intelligence and analytics. It is known for providing various BI and analytics platforms. Birst is basically a collective branch infor that is engaged in creating BI platforms for data analytics. Birst works closely with a networked BI approach to virtualize the overall analytics and data environment.  

The well-known Brist Discovery Edition is the analytics platform provided by the company that enables businesses and analysts to explore data intuitively and exclusively. The company offers a suite of analytics tools for data analysis, reporting, hoc analysis, mobile analytics, and data management. 

USPs: Automated data refinement, smart analytics, Agile semantic layer, native-cloud multi-tenant, architecture.  

8. Oracle 

Oracle is a well-known IT and BI company that enables businesses to acquire innovative & user-engaging apps. It aims to help businesses to improve their sales via data analytics and visualization. 

It performs AI-driven analytics, augmented reality experience analytics, and much more. It gives businesses the liberty to intelligently utilize data to gain insights, and share through the framework to secure & manage data. 

The company’s vision for analytics is to empower its clients with incredible AI-powered analytics solutions that offer self-service for visualization, data preparation, augmented analysis, enterprise reporting, and NLP. 

USPs: Rich discovery and data sources recommend sources, & new metrics, recognize drivers and influencers, and more. 

9. TIBCO Software Inc 

TIBCO Software is an innovative & expert BI company that allows businesses to secure AI-enabled applications that use data analytics for better decision making. Its smart technology solutions are based on TIBCO connected Intelligence Cloud. It is a USA based company that utilizes APIs and systems to interconnect everything, capture data faster in real-time.  

It enables its partners to utilize market opportunities via understanding the demand of customers. It also integrates API management, integration of technologies (Blockchain, IoT, and more), Process Management, and more. 

USPs: API-led integration, Master Data Management, Data Science & streaming, Event-driven applications. 

10. SAS 

SAS is a Germany-based data analytics and BI company that provides a full-fledged team of data scientists, business analysts, forecasters, and statisticians. Its team is highly skilled and advanced in exploring, analyzing, and visualizing data.

The company leverages AI and machine leveraging in the most transformative way to move humanity forward. This BI company has been positioned as a Magic Quadrant Leader by Gartner. This position has been rewarded for Data science and machine learning. It helps businesses in making smarter decisions by AI and analytics. 

The company utilizes its expertise in various fields such as aircraft operations, banking & customer service, and making real-time decisions. Due to excellence in innovation, it has achieved a number of titles and awards. 

USPs: Data Management, Fraud & security intelligence, Internet of things, Risk Management, and more  

11. SAP 

Being a well-known United State based BI company, SAP is purposely engaged in using business & data intelligence to improve people's lives. The company is dedicated to helping its clients to become market leaders to boost business growth. 

Being a top BI company, it engineers the best solutions to foster equality, fuel innovation, and increase opportunities across different countries. It partners with aspiring companies to help them understand consumers’ expectations through large chunks of recorded data. With innovation & a concise approach, it transforms industries and sustains the environment. 

USPs: Solutions for CRM customer experience, Network & spend management, HR & people management, and more. 

12. Keyrus

Keyrus is an aspiring BI company that helps enterprises to leverage Data and Digital paradigm to improve their organization workflow & performance. The company aids them in transforming and generating a modern lever for competitiveness & growth. 

As a key player in business intelligence, it allows organizations to craft a new data-digital paradigm for creating opportunities by supporting their digital transformation endeavors and utilizing modern data assets. 

USPs: Satisfying the increased need for digital transformation, Master & valorize data, Develop unique digital experiences. 

13. Indium Software 

Indium Software is a transformation oriented BI company, engaged in delivering unanticipated customer-centric solutions across product development, Big Data engineering & analysis, and QA. 

The company has more than 20 years of experience and has delivered on-of-a-kind solutions to Fortune 500 and Global leaders. With its team, the company endeavors to help its clients in deploying Big Data & Digital Transformation to better customer experience. 

USPs: AI driven customization & portable software testing, faster application development, customer-centric solutions. 

14. Oxagile 

Oxagile is a 15 year old BI company engaged in delivering digital solutions across 43 countries. It enables progressive enterprises to transform and gain competitive advantage through innovative and tailor-made application solutions.  

This BI company is employing its domain expertise to increase operational efficiencies, reduce the time of processing, and revolutionizing customer services. ML-driven augmented analytics is another expertise of the company that allows you to gain insights and enhanced decision-making.  

USPs: Full-cycle delivery team, automating work-flow, enable fault-tolerance solutions, fruitful time & management approach. 

15. Visual BI Solutions 

It is the fastest growing BI Company committed to excel the innovation in the Business Intelligence & Analytics market place. Its offering range includes Analytics solutions, consulting services, and Big Data & BI products.  

With its team of designers, developers, data architects, analysts, the company endeavors to paddle fast innovation & excellence in the area of BI & analytics. Thus, it ensures driving successful BI adoption, insightful BI solutions, better innovation, enriching employee experience, and more.  

USPs: Dynamic planning & stimulation, Vision for extending ROI through BI, Portal for all BI content, etc. 

Final Text 

If you are thinking about leveraging data for business benefits, this is the right time to work on the idea. Hire a developer team that can work closely with your customers’ expectations and crafts a solution to specialized experience. 

Business intelligence is expanding faster, and use of Power BI is also expanding at a faster pace. Gaining insights from data can allow you to reach out to potential consumers and boost revenue generation. So, hire a power BI company for the best use of large data. 

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