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Top 5 Platforms That Let You Launch Your Own Line Of T-Shirts!

FashionCustomisation is the next big thing to look for in 2020 as engaged shoppers want something more than conventional retail & e-commerce offerings. Presenting 5 best fashion tech platforms below that let you launch your own brand of customised T-Shirts with captions, artwork, colours & what not!

Millennial Consumers look for something unique to go with their style every season & prefer online shopping to fulfil their fashion & beauty needs while sitting at home OR busy at work. While many platforms offer huge discounts, different collections & variety in style, cut & colours, the generation is still looking for something which is more personal & customisable. As every consumer nowadays is choosy & loaded with ideas, customisation is the hook that they are looking to invest their time & money into.

Right from colours to captions to original artwork on T-Shirts & other silhouettes, few fashion tech platforms are exploring this space actively.

Here's a list of 5 such platforms that provide the content creators with an option to launch their own e-store online with a line of customised t-shirts & other categories:-


Live with multiple artist, influencer and celebrity fashion e-stores, ReDesyn lets content creators convert their creativity into wearable & usable merchandise under their own brand name. The creative list ranges from tattoo artists, graphic artists, doodlers, fashion designers, youtubers, celebrities, influencers to anyone who creates content and is open to monetise it via converting it into merchandise. This also promotes micro entrepreneurship giving every individual an option to either curate OR create fashion that defines their identity. The platform showcases 12k+ designs available to shop for millennial consumers, segregated mood/collection-wise.

Content creators also get access to store analytics, already available design library, a design tool to create products on their own, ways to market it, commission on every sale & potential collaborations with established blogs, brands & celebrities.

The idea behind ReDesyn's "Fashion Merchandise Platform" is to let a content creator kickstart his/her entrepreneurial journey in a few clicks and less capital, which is otherwise a capital intensive affair.

Alma Mater

The name "Alma Mater" stands for "nourishing/nursing/fostering mother" referring to educational institutes providing an intellectual nourishment to their students who have a penchant for creativity. The platform lets college students convert their imagination into reality by creating custom tees, hoodies etc, using their design tool available online.

Over the years, Alma Mater Store has worked with more than 2,500 schools and colleges in approximately 190 different cities, having customised over one million tees and hoodies.

They are associated with Tier 1 colleges like IITs, IIMs, BITS etc and provide a seamless experience for students who wish to wear their opinion. Currently, their product line includes caps, hoodies, tees, badges etc along with various design templates available to choose from if you are a beginner.

When millennial consumers are tired of discounts & offers, Alma Mater takes a perfect position in the market with a unique product designed by users themselves.


Customisation is not limited to apparel sillhouettes. Toesmith provides free & easy customisation for shoes for men & women. They have options to customise right from vamp, quarters, heel counter, binding, collar lining to self-chosen colours. They make the shoes exactly as designed online while ordering it & deliver to your doorstep. They've actually got a bunch of textures, designs, colours and swatches that you can choose from for your own unique pair of shoes.

They also offer the option to add letters or to upload photos from your own laptop/gallery which will then be printed onto the shoes. But if you're too lazy to customise, Toesmith's ready-made options will work just fine too. While they're based out of Gurgaon, they ship their products across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata.


Another customisation platform in the market, Inchstreet, lets you choose your formalwear right from textures, fabric, style & size/fit options. They provide a completely customised to your taste end product in formal categories for men & women in a few simple clicks on their website.

They call themselves "Bespoke Bazaar" and also provide "customise your shoes" option for buyers who are looking to complete their formal look their way! What's worth checking out is their 3D Visualisation Model available on request.

They also have a "Partner With Us" section wherein you can register & start selling on their portal.


Another platform that provides customisation of T-Shirts is My Campus Store. As the name suggests, their target market is colleges & universities, serving customised T-Shirts to it's students, who also have the freedom to create it and list it for sale on the website.

The process is pretty seamless & easy to follow wherein their design tool has options like colour, file, text, graphic, personalised names/numbers & design ideas as key features.

Moreover, you can launch your institute's official merchandise using their services and also create T-Shirts for your upcoming college fests & events.

Do you know any fashion merchandise platform with customisation feature? Mention in the comments below.


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