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Top 3 Latest Advancements in Artificial Intelligence


AI is fast progressing in every field like healthcare, manufacturing, law, finance, retail, real estate, accountancy, digital marketing. Every field is being computational and becoming more advanced with some remarkable capabilities emerging these past years.  Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the economy and career landscape with a wide range of diverse patterns from autonomous systems, chatbots, document classification to advanced predictive analytics solutions. Albeit most of the problems faced are in terms of driving down costs, removing friction, speeding processes up, and improving efficiency that can be mitigated as the machines are becoming smarter day by day.


Use of  knowledge graphs in professional services

Google introduced a newer type of database called the knowledge graph in the year 2012. This type of database are compatible and multiple databases can be interrogated simultaneously. Knowledge graphs link triplets of information's subject, object, and the relationship between them. This flexible approach allows us to get precise answers to rich and complex questions. 

Problems with knowledge graphs are that they are time-consuming, and expensive to populate. This problem can be mitigated by the rapid improvement in AI called natural language processing, which enables knowledge graphs to be populated automatically. The use of knowledge graphs in professional services like accountancy and law would greatly improve and speed up the work as data retrieval is automated. 

Reinforcement learning: the next big thing of AI

"Reinforcement learning" is a classic behavioral phenomenon known as psychology literature in the year 1950s, said Dr. Matt Johnson who is the professor of psychology at Hult Business School and the author of the Blindsight: the (mostly hidden ways marketing reshapes our brains).

According to this theory, the agent comes in contact with the surrounding environment and observes a particular activity which then responds to the results depending upon the surrounding.

AI-powered characters will adapt to produce elaborate storylines, and consumers will no longer be confined to fixed dialogues and rigid interaction between non-player markets.

The AI doctor might try medications almost randomly to see what effect they have, and overtime should learn the patterns. and understanding of which medications work best in which situation. 

Dark matter: Turns AI understand images like humans

The scientists at Massachetrus Institute of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles, argue that the key to making AI systems is about visual data like human AI to address "dark matter" of computer vision, the things that are not visible in pixels.

AI in content marketing

AI is a  dynamic game-changer for digital marketing from 24/7 chatbots, analyzing data and trends, custom feeds to generating content. AI recommends content topics that align with the trending topic. AI recommends SEO strategies for more relevant and valuable content. AI is creating custom, personalized content for buying users at each stage of customer experience.

The chatbots provide real-life customer experience so they don't have to fill the generic form. This provides users quick and easy answers to their questions for their immediate purchase. Users feel they are having a real conversation with humans while it's a robot.


AI is becoming affordable and accessible for any software developer. The tech giants are currently competing to dominate the field of artificial intelligence. AI is a necessity in the year 2020 that will witness a growth in facial recognition, computer vision, autonomous vehicles, automatic text generation, cloud, AI-enabled chips, and privacy and policy.