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5 Top Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions In The World

Here are the list of top manufacturing erp software solutions in the world which effectively manage all your business dealings and enhance growth & efficiency.

Managing a business is always a task full of hassles. And a system to effectively manage all your business dealings is always necessary.

So here is the list of top 5 ERP manufacturing companies.


IPIX has been providing high-quality web services and software for more than 10 years and has become one of the leading companies for manufacturing ERP software. IPIX ERP is a better platform for both small and large size businesses and lets you mold your future business. It is highly flexible, reliable and scalable to any extend. IPIX ERP provides mission-critical functionality and a fully integrated solution for your business in a cost-effective manner. IPIX lets you simplify the business of distribution and manufacturing and IPIX is the one-stop solution to solve any issues in your business. With their understanding of customer requirements, they provide market-leading business solutions for customers. They provide industry-specific and advanced manufacturing functionality. Also, facilitate end-to-end functionality.

IPIX ERP synchronizes your business automation and reporting. IPIX gives you a clear picture of your business and lets you control the cost of managing your business with an enhanced user experience through their ERP. Finally, IPIX lets you simplify all the complexities in your business and enhance growth and efficiency.


NetSuite provides one of the most deployed ERP solutions and lets you accelerate your business. They help you to drive innovations and enhance the growth of your business. NetSuite ERP helps you to free up the time and resources, remain competitive in the market and to streamline your business process more effectively. Generates meaningful business insights by combining visual analytics and data and can easily customize functionalities as per your business requirements.

A better platform for financial management, order management, financial planning, production management, supply chain management, warehouse and fulfillment and many more. ERP integrates various functionalities into one complete system to enhance your business growth streamline information throughout the organization and provide high-level synchronization.

3. SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP better suits all the small size businesses. It helps you to attain control over your business and streamline all your business processes. Facilitate integration with SAP HANA platform and helps you in decision making according to the real–time information. SAP ERP helps you in effective financial management by lowering the managing cost of your business and dealing with all other financial related aspects.

Automate accounting tasks and unite financial operations to enhance your business cash flow. It is capable of managing all your sales processes and gives you a complete view of customers and prospects for a better understanding of your customer requirements.


SYSPRO ERP lets you have a complete view of your business activities and managing high-risk business areas. It provides you an accurate price forecasting, implements and trace warranties on goods, unique scheduling, end-to-end supply chain visibility, meticulous traceability and many more. Drive innovations and enhance management process for OEM warranty claims, OEM rebates, OERM returns, etc.

SYSPRO ERP enhances customer responsiveness and leverages the power of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning for improved insights and anomalies. It has also been integrated into the MRP system and helps in ordering and material planning for an improved cost controlling system. Also, facilitate manufacturing lifecycle management including analyzing, tracking, planning, publishing, collecting and scheduling and improve manufacturing operations.

5. Odoo

Odoo is one best platforms for managing business and organizations and has 3000+ different applications for different business areas. It helps to improve the productivity of your business, manage all your marketing and enhance your business growth. Odoo also serves as one of the best platform to manage HR operations easily such as employees’ directory, timesheets, knowledge sharing, payroll, contracts, appraisals, expense tracking, etc. It also provides an improved recruitment system and easy to manage legal leaves, attendance, sick days, and holidays.

Odoo is also a leading software editor and provides an open source CMS and extremely functioning E-commerce platform. It also provides a complete view of statistics of all the required data to facilitate the designing of email campaigns.