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Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai in 2021

Dubai is highly prepared to address emerging and established business models for Top Mobile App Development Companies. Hire Mobile App Developers from These companies named Data EximIT, HireFullStackDeveloperIndia and Hourly Developer.io.

We all know that mobile applications have entitled technology and have become one of the insatiable parts for every businesses and industry today. It can easily be observed that every business regardless of size and services offered is able to retain and engage more customers with the help of mobile applications.

Apart from the user-engagement, apps today have become a reason for businesses to accomplish new sales targets and increase income and productivity. Owing to the number of advantages offered by the apps, no business is willing to escape from it, and in order to achieve this, leading Mobile App Development companies in Dubai, assist the industries to showcase their best and provide the excellent service to users.

In this post, we have listed the selected mobile app development companies in Dubai to help you to utilize business productivity. Let’s find out together.

1. Data EximIT 

Data EximIT is the leading and fast-growing Mobile App Development Company, with headquarter in Gujarat, India. It is the chosen partner of many popular businesses today, and has the main goal is to deliver timely, high-quality mobile applications, which further meet the customers’ requirements. They have a team of highly skilled professional developers and designers, who hold the years of experience and are well updated with the trending technologies, like flutter, IoT, VR/AR to name a few.

  • Team Size: 60-80 members
  • Technical expertise: Android, iOS, React Native, Blockchain, AI, Flutter, IoT, AR/VR, FullStack
  • Head Office: Gujarat, India
  • Hourly rate: $12- $18
  • Website: https://www.dataeximit.com/  
  • Reach on —sales@dataeximit.com     

2. HireFullStackDeveloperIndia :

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is popular to provide a unique creative experience for businesses, through developed app solutions. Being the leading Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai, it is very much flexible to meet the immediate client requirements. They hold sufficient experience in dealing with many technologies of mobile apps and create some of the successful solutions for clients across the globe.

  • Team Size: 70-80 members
  • Technical expertise: Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, IoT, AR/VR, Mean Stack
  • Head Office: Gujarat, India
  • Hourly rate: $12- $18
  • Website: https://hirefullstackdeveloperindia.com/
  • Reach on — sales@hirefullstackdeveloperindia.com  

3.   Hourly Developer.io 

HourlyDeveloper.io holds a track record of exploring all your app requirements to deliver the best quality, fluent mobile application. Each of their developed solutions is different and unique. They ensure to fill their app solution with advanced technological requirements. Needless to say but their team is highly professional and well trained with new trends and concepts in the mobile app development field.

  • Team Size: 50-70 members
  • Technical expertise: React Native, Flutter, IoT, AR/VR, Full Stack
  • Head Office: Gujarat, India
  • Hourly rate: $12- $18
  • Website: https://hourlydeveloper.io/
  • Reach on -sales@hourlydeveloper.io  

So if you are willing to get the best app solution for your business in Dubai, then reaching the mentioned companies would be the ideal choice for you. However, if you want to know anything about your app concept, and willing to discuss the concerns, then you must reach and aid your dream goal of developing the best mobile application, turn into a reality.


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