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Mobile App Development Companies China | Leader Matrix - 19

Are looking for the best app development service providers? HereI have created the list of the top leading android and ios app development companies of China with their expert areas and other information.

The Mobile Application Development Firms always recommend their clients to incorporate their mobile program alongside their social websites account.  That they can readily get the click, likes and get reviews from their friends because these days hundreds of mobile applications are designed and developed by Mobile App Development Companies.  

Moreover, if the mobile app is related to health, then it'll more click and reach more downloads. On the flip side, as per the Software Development Companies In China receiving the most favorable reviews on the cell program is very much important since these days most of the users constantly read reviews on the mobile app so that they will have all of their doubts cleared about the program built from the Very Best Mobile App Development Company China.

In the event if you are offering your customers to download your cell app with no charge, then you need to provide them the valid discounts, then this is best tips for distributing the mobile program in accordance with the Chinese Ios Developers.  In case, you want to track the behavior of the users, then you should use the services of the Google Alerts that is just availed when you are availing the services in the Mobile App Development Agencies

1. Mtel limited:

Mtel is a digital enabler and pioneering mobile app developer headquartered in Hong Kong, with branch offices in Guangzhou and Taipei. With over a hundred talents, providing myriad services, including design and development of mobile, web, social applications, campaigns, digital installations, and cloud platform. We serve leading corporations in myriad industries, including retail, finance, insurance, telecommunications, advertising, and public utilities.

Expertise: Mobile Application Development, Mobile enterprise application, Mobile marketing technology, Mobile solutions consultancy, Mobile web development

Website: https://www.mtelnet.com/

Email: info@mtelnet.com

Phone: (852) 2845 8288

Pay: $100 - $149 / hr

Founded: 1999

2. Kunshan Sofmit CloudWise:

Kunshan Sofmit CloudWise Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (Sofmit CloudWise for short), started up in 2002, registered capital of RMB 60 million, is engaged in the software and information service outsourcing, the intelligent tourism services and operations professional IT services. Sofmit CloudWise has offices in Shanghai, Hainan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi ‘an and other places.

In 2010, we invested in the acquisition of the Japanese-Chinese second largest IT company, the New Concept Co., Ltd., which helped us to form a mature and stable operation team in China, Japan.

Expertise: Custom Software Development, E-Commerce Development, Mobile App Development

Website: http://www.sofmit.cn/

Email: sam.chen@sofmit.com

Phone: 028-85332030

Pay: $100 - $149 / hr

Founded: 2009

3. 21Twelve Interactive:

21Twelve Interactive LLP has been in the mobile/web solution business since our founding in 2016. We design and develop enterprise mobile apps for leading firms in the different counties especially in China. We believe in the great potential of the digital economy and love to innovate with our clients and partners. By working with an international pool of world-class full-time and freelance designers/developers, we bring visions into reality. Attention to detail in all aspects gives 21Twelve Interactive professionals the ability to integrate all the essential required contents to meet exact quality software standards. Our powerful enterprise technology makes us the industry leader in creating, distributing, and optimizing contents. We have accumulated a great deal of experience through supporting many world-class enterprises, and our customers have come to trust us for our quality of execution and reliability.

Expertise: Mobile App Development, eCommerce Development, Web Development, WordPress Development

Website: https://www.21twelveinteractive.com/

Email: info@21twelveinteractive.com

Phone: +1 (347) 474-0020

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 2016

4. FIGO Technology:

Founded in 2005, Guangzhou Huoying Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Huoying Technology, equity number 890461) is a leading “Internet +” technology service provider in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise, which involves commercial high-end APP custom development and WeChat applet. Development, AR/VR, government systems, product incubation and technology ventures, etc., currently have partnerships with a number of companies.

Expertise: Custom Software Development, E-Commerce Development, Mobile App Development

Website: http://www.figo.cn/

Email: service@figo.cn

Phone: 400-639-7739

Pay: $100 - $149 / hr

Founded: 2005

5. Madhouse:

Madhouse, Inc., a mobile advertising network, provides mobile media and advertising solutions in China. It offers MadSolutions, which include mobile marketing solutions and campaign management services. The MadSolutions operates an interactive messaging platform, as well as involves in building, designing, and optimizing mobile phone WAP sites for corporations and campaigns. It also allows clients to leverage traditional cross-media buys, campaigns, and on-pack promotions, as well as exiting CRM systems and member databases.

Expertise: Advertising, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development

Website: http://www.madhouse.cn/

Email: wendywang@madhouse-inc.com

Phone: NA

Pay: $50 - $99/hr

Founded: 2006

6. Centling Technologies:

Our business directives are to provide world-class IT software systems, innovative products, and end-to-end solutions to Fortune 500 customers. Our business portfolio focuses on communication, mobile Internet and enterprise solutions based off Industry 4.0 standards. The Company also invests in health care and intelligent home care services and products deployed in the Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning, and Heilongjiang regions.

Expertise: Web Design, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development

Website: http://www.centling.com/

Email: PR@centling.com

Phone: 8653268885177

Pay: NA

Founded: 2009


7. Tryaosoft:

Tryaosoft is a GuangZhou based software development firm founded in 2005. We are specializing in Web and Software Application Development, Enterprise Application Strategy and Professional Service Consulting. For the past five years, we successfully deliver software, website, database development and informationize solutions range from small businesses to fortune 500 companies. We have certified and experienced professionals to provide project sizing, management, implementation, quality assurance, support and maintenance.

Expertise: Mobile App Development & Designing, Software Development, Web Development and Designing

Website: http://www.tryaosoft.com/

Email: tryaosoft@gmail.com

Phone: 08602066656156

Pay: $50 - $99/hr

Founded: 2005


8. Wiredcraft:

We’re engineers, designers & strategists creating software that solves real-world problems. Think data visualization for the World Bank, APIs for the Libyan elections or DevOps for the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world.

Expertise: Cloud Computing, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, UI-UX Design, Web Development

Website: https://wiredcraft.com/

Email: info@wiredcraft.com

Phone: 49233045447

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 2009

9. Green Tomato:

Established in 2003, GreenTomato is a China-based leading technology corporate specialises in the provision of professional and reliable mobile enterprise solutions and creation of award-winning mobile apps. GT is now a winner of over 100 local and global awards including Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Grand Award winner and Red Herring Global 100. And we always attribute the company success to every single team member.

Expertise: Mobile enterprise application, Mobile marketing technology, Mobile solutions consultancy, Mobile Web Development

Website: http://www.greentomato.net/index.html

Email: info@gtomato.com

Phone: (852) 2866 0084

Pay: $25 - $49/hr

Founded: 1999

10. MOKI:

MOKI is a development and publishing company specializing in mobile games and applications. We have a large and diversified portfolio of products which gained great popularity among North American and European mobile device users. Moki has a large portfolio of mobile games and applications, diversified in various categories including kids and educational games, casual games, puzzle games and online mobile games. Our products have gained a variety of audiences and great popularity among North American and European mobile device users.

Expertise: Mobile App Development

Website: http://www.mokitech.com/index.html

Email: Contact@mokitech.com

Phone: NA

Pay: $100 - $149/hr

Founded: 2010

Conclusion: A company which has worked in an array of domains and is acclaimed globally with cost effectiveness is the best company to choose for. Amongst all the large professionals in the world of mobile app development, the choice of a firm should be according to customer specifications. To choose the best service provider, here is the list of a top mobile app development company in China.


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