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Top Mobile App Trends To Look For In 2020

By Ruchika Aggarwal|10th Jan 2020
Top Mobile App Trends of 2020 with the example of the best companies who are actually the Experts in theses trends and in the development process of Mobile App.
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Mobile App trends

2019 is almost ending up. It was the year of many technological advancements and the story is not going to end. In 2020, we will be looking at various mobile app trends to completely revolutionize the current business world.

The inclusion of new app development technologies has already heated up the app development ecosystem.

Mobile app developers nowadays not only build traditional apps but also bring innovation to these apps. This has made a sharp increase in the demand for mobile apps from the last few years. We have around 2.7 billion smartphone users and 1.35 billion tablet users to date across the world as reported by Statista.

According to Smartinsights, people spent 90% of their time on using mobile apps. In fact, 21% of millennials open a mobile application fifty times a day.
A report by Techcrunch says that the average number of smartphone owners use over 35 apps in each month.

With the above stats. It is clear that the app development industry is at peak now. A number of businesses have taken resolutions to adopt new mobile application development trends in 2020. Let’s check out these trends below:

1) Chatbots for better communication

  • Chatbot development is one of the most effective mobile app trends in 2019. It is going to take over various communication aspects in the mobile app development world in 2020. The reason is simple as there is a big need for real-time interactions between customers and the service providers. It is a good source of better customer engagement. However, there is a risk as it can circumvent human-to-human interaction in many other fields.
  • Chatbots enhance user-interaction and thus make people not abandon apps after installed in the mobile. Businesses are ready for innovative chatbot applications.

2) Blockchain at its best

  • When it comes to mobile app trends, Blockchain technology is the one which has topped the list. Blockchain, being launched many years back, has created a big fuzz in the year 2018. In fact, 2019 witness its great success in almost all business domains. A large number of fintech companies have reaped many benefits from blockchain app development.
  • As per Transparency Market Research, by 2024, the blockchain market will hit the $20 billion. This app trends clearly indicates that it will make top headlines in 2020. Moreover, these mobile apps are set to capitalize on this decentralized currency platform.
  • Mobile app developers are not going to miss this opportunity. Hence, from business owners to app developers, everyone should pay great attention to this field.

3) IOT

  • IOT has become one of the biggest mobile app trends for 2020. It has made its way in 2019 by impacting major industries in the market. Another sectors viz. Education and e-commerce are going to capitalize on this technology.
  • The reason behind its success is its capability of connecting various different aspects within the organisation. It will make convenient and fast access to data within the organisation among its people.

4) AI & ML Inclusion

  • A large number of mobile applications are powered with these two technologies and has become one of the major app trends today. These technologies bring efficiency, accuracy and provides ability to perform real-time events.
  • As per reports by IDC, it is predicted that market for AI is going to at $40 billion by 2020. This is clearly indicating that many sectors are trying to integrate together with human intelligence.

5) Instant apps

  • Instant apps are one of the amazing app trends these days. Only such mobile applications can give user-friendly and memory efficient services to its users. The best part of Instant apps is that you don’t need to install the app in order to enjoy the app services.
  • For example, OneFootball, BuzzFeed etc. are some of the Instant apps. Using these apps, you can easily expand the user base in less time. Hence, there is no issue of spacing as the mobile app users don’t need to have an app for using its services. So, businesses can reap huge benefits from these platforms if they invest in this in 2020.

6) AR/VR

  • This technology got a huge importance in 2019 as it directly impacts the user-experience. It makes mobile applications more interactive for its users. Hence, the list of top mobile app trends would be incomplete if we don’t mention these technologies.
  • AS per Statista, by 2022, the AR/VR market will be at $209 billion. This is considered as the beyond the screen technology and companies in bulk are investing in these.

7) Wearable apps

  • Wearable apps are the need of the hour. There are many business sectors that make use of these apps on a daily basis. These apps play an important role in the healthcare industry where doctors can check the patient’s heart rate and blood sugar levels regularly using these apps.
  • Apart from the medical field, many companies have shifted their focus on these apps. Wearable apps will be in huge demand in 2020 because it enhances the style and works smartly. The app trends involving smartwatches is the best example of these apps. This makes you unable to keep in touch with all the other activities without using your phone or tablet.

Top Mobile App Development companies working on emerging Mobile App Trends

1. ValueCoders

ValueCoders is a Mobile App Development Company that has already built several Blockchain-powered software and mobile apps for the Supply chain Industry. Apart from that, they also have been partnering with other enterprises to converge Blockchain, IoT & AI together to build seamless, completely automated and secure business applications.

2. Willow Tree

Willow Tree is another top mobile app development company working on some of the newest trends in the Industry. They have worked with the likes of National Geographic, 21st century Fox & Regal Cinemas for building immersive mobile apps meant for mass consumer media consumption.

3. ChopDawg

This company’s creativity is as great as its fancy name. ChopDawg has built some great mobile apps for businesses like Jurvo and Mister Softee. Right now it focuses on making the blockchain technology simpler for the masses so that one day it could be as pervasive as the Internet is today.

4. Y Media

The California-based design studio has had an important role in making immersive, seamless IoT apps for Google and Facebook. It had a huge role in making financial apps such as PayPal functional smoothly on mobile platforms and continues to bring desktop-class experiences to the mobile world.

5. RightPoint

RighPoint, a subsidiary of Genpact, has worked with the likes of SolidWorks and MIT to convert powerful productivity software into excellent mobile apps, and boy has it succeeded well. Its projects with the likes of Schneider Electric are an example of finding business use cases for mobile apps.

Final Note:
So far we have come across top mobile app trends to look for in 2020. These trends are going to impact almost all business domains as the tech world is constantly moving at warp speed. These app trends will bring excitement, creativity, and innovation to your business. So, be ready for a grand scale change in 2020 with the above-mentioned trends.

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