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Top 10 reasons to choose Flutter for Mobile App Development


Flutter is picking up steam over other mobile frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, Angular JS.  Flutter is not a framework while an open-source full-featured mobile app SDK developed to design native interfaces for iOS and android platforms. It has been in the limelight for new-age developers in recent years.  Its remarkable rapid deployment to unified code or user-friendly UI or the integration with other frameworks gained immense success lately in 2019. Flutter is complete operation logic, composition, and composite development built with the graphic interface. And this is the reason it has gained a foothold in the mobile app development world for two years. The use of Flutter apps can save time, efforts, and lessens the amount of coding.

Single codebase:

Single codebase means a single version of the application that runs for both iOS and Android platforms. Now the designers and developers only have to focus on the creation of the single codebase for both platforms.

Dart as Programming Language:

The apps made in flutter use Dart object-oriented programming language. Its notable features like garbage collection, a rich standard library, strong typing, generics, and async-await is a need of today.

Use of Customizable Widgets: 

Flutter app lets the developer build their widgets depending upon the need for the app. Everything developer design is a widget and is blended to make UI. Also, the layout is another addition that helps to define the state, position, and size of widgets. 

Stateful hot reload:

The features of a strategic hot reload gained paramount success for developers. A developer can frame UIs and hold bugs faster. The changes are so instant that it cuts reload time and extra time on simulators, emulators, and hardware for iOS and Android platforms.

Support for a variety of IDEs:

Flutter platform supports a few IDEs that include android studio, VS Code, etc. The advantage of Flutter apps is that they do not require any extension between a programming language and UI components. These apps are compiled to the native code directly.

Create apps for mobile, desktop, and the web: 

More and more companies are fascinated to flutter as it helps developers and implements them to create mobile, web apps, and desktop-based applications.

Powerful design experience:

Different themes are made available for Android and iOs applications. Not only the color but the size and style also varies. 

Flutter building apps comprise of various domains such as education, entertainment, utility, e-commerce, social, health, and fitness. Flutter has trusted platforms for impressive UIs.

Easier animations:

Flutter adds the flexibility of API for adding the animation. Even the small code in flutter can add simple and expressive animations. 

Native Themes for iOS/Android:

Flutter makes application development journey magnificent through local codes, third party incorporations, and platform APIs. 

Innumerable packages and Tech Community:

There are a plethora of open-source packages that help to create apps much faster. Also, with these multiple packages, it is a growing extensive technical community.

Want to Build an App with Flutter?

There must be a query on how much should you invest in the platform? As compared to the other mobile app development platforms, the flutter app development cost depends upon app complexity, app category, hardware, app design, app maintenance, and agency location. All these factors contribute to the app development cost. Our charge specific services help to complete your projects in no time.


Flutter offers an easy way to develop mobile apps even if you're starting from scratch or having a little experience of mobile app development. Flutter tools and libraries make it more effortless and straightforward. And we can even fuse to use with other existing languages like java, kotlin, objc, and swiFt. Dart and flutter improve performance, safety, and tools for cross-platform mobile app development.


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