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UI UX Design Trends of 2020


Design is no longer seen as a good to have in the context of product development. Especially, in today’s digital age with BYOD trends increasing by the day, design is a must-have for user engagement and user retention. Design is an effective selling factor that contributes to a seamless user experience apart from driving product marketing. With enough said about the role that design plays in today’s tech circles, let’s explore a few trends that are set to dominate 2020.

Adopting a Storytelling Approach

Forget the funda around UX and UI! It’s more than just that. Businesses today can’t escape the fundamental need to tell compelling stories around the digital products they build or the services they offer.  digital experiences they offer. It is here that content is key. Filling pages with SEO-laden content for websites won’t do the trick anymore. 

Copywriting has become one of the most important elements for a great user experience and it will continue to evolve and rise in prominence in 2020. Building a visual hierarchy with information and typography will become increasingly important. While the style captures the users’ attention, the narrative engages them with a brand because it makes them feel like they’re part of the story.

Using Voice User Interfaces via AI Technology

With the topic of personalization discussed in great detail within the contexts of digital customer experiences, the rapid proliferation of voice interaction capabilities in our individual digital ecosystems is only natural. Traditional visual interfaces will get an uplift when combined with voice interaction offerings, so much so that they promise enough potential to even replace visual interfaces completely. 

As consumers start to talk to and be understood by their products, user-centered organizations will look to incorporate AI-assisted strategies to enable users to interact beyond plain textual and visual interfaces. Owing to AI’s ability to collect scores of data, there could be a perceptible proliferation of personalized products that are 100% tailored to each and every individual’s requirements.

Implementing AR and VR

If you are looking to add a taste of real-life into a virtual situation, implementing augmented reality and virtual reality solutions is your best bet. Education, real estate, science, entertainment, eCommerce, traveling, media. Organizations can now drive VR-powered product design to cut the barriers for creating integrated workflows. In 2020, VR development will be instrumental in product discussions in a shared, virtually simulated environment.

Based on user behavior and preferences, machine learning capabilities can be leveraged to build custom products that have personalized features and functions, thereby enhancing user experience several notches higher.

Practicing Minimalism

If the decade until 2019 was dominated by flowery and detailed designs, 2020 marks the dawn of minimalism. Minimalism is inextricably linked with fewer icons, less vivid colors and impactful typography. Since the line dividing the minimal and primitive is quite blurry, it is important for designers to understand and make interfaces simple but not empty, stylish but not overloaded. Aspects of minimalism; such as the use of negative space, bold color and font combinations, and multifunctional details can add a touch of elegance.

Enabling Device Synchronization

Device synchronization is set to create all the buzz in 2020.  Users today demand dynamic capabilities across all devices and they want a seamless experience across all touchpoints. Be it a smartphone, a watch, a laptop — interactions today need to empower the user to be able to instantly without friction in the user experience. 

With all this to look forward to, let’s await 2020 with bated breath to explore more design trends. Feel free to add in the comments section any trend that you think we have missed out!