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How to Use Meditation to increase your productivity at Work

In order to incorporate Meditation in our day to day life, it is quite important that we know the true meaning of it, as without knowing the concept of Meditation, it is not possible for an individual to understand the power of it.

In order to incorporate Meditation in our day to day life, it is quite important that we know the true meaning of it, as without knowing the concept of Meditation, it is not possible for an individual to understand the power of it. Meditation is one of the most ancient practices that originated in our country itself and for ages it has been practiced by our Gurus to attain higher self, spirituality and peace of mind and if it is put to practice in real time, Meditation can do wonders to our day to day life and immensely increase the productivity factor for any individual. Today we are going to discuss a few merits of Meditation out of many and how it can increase the productivity at Work.

Mediation to keep stress and Anxiety at bay- Okay, today everything is at a click of your finger and you don’t have to travel far and wide to attain Nirvana. So, your first step should be simply download any Meditation App based on your preference so that you can get hold of the basics right. A quick refresher will do you good. There are various Meditation Apps that are excellent for beginners like Calm and Headspace. And as you progress Insight Timer is one app you should have, as it gives you short discourses and procedures to master the art of Meditation. Once you get into the wave of meditation, you will attain a state of stillness and calm that will keep your anxieties at bay or at least equip you in dealing with your anxieties in a better way which in turn will help you deal with work stress in a more structured manner.

Meditation for Focus and Memory- it is proven and known fact that Meditation improves blood circulation and increased brain function immensely, so by incorporating a daily routine of Meditation anytime of the day will improve your focus and memory which is only beneficial not only at work but across all avenues of your life. Meditation to deal with disappointments and Anger- Okay, so we all know any job entails a lot of responsibility and somewhere in between we fall short and sometimes fail to deliver as expected and there is nothing extra ordinary about it, we all face our share of challenges every now and then, sometimes our emotions gets the better of us and in turn everything gets a little too haywire, so Meditation is the mantra for anyone and everyone who suffer from bouts of anger, regret and disappointments. Meditation is the only

solution to tide over that disappointment of a missed opportunity, that long wait to get promoted or that salary cut you might suddenly have to encounter due to some unavoidable situation. If practiced regularly, Meditation turns into your savior during stressful and challenging situations. Sometimes we ourselves make our lives a little difficult by not able to control anger. So, Meditation is your single shot answer for all your work related woes. Meditation boosts your creativity- If you are in a creative field, Meditation is that elixir which is going to take you to new heights of success. We all know meditation calms the mind down and put our fears to rest, when this happens we are in an optimum state to plan and think clearly which only paves the way towards greater success and happiness.

Meditation alleviates depression and feeling of sadness- One of the most powerful tool to curtail and probably cure depression is Meditation, In today’s age and time we are living a very fast life with little or no time for ourselves which can burn you out and there are great chances one fall prey to depression, it has been observed that fear of competition, be it at a professional or personal level is one of the primary contributing factor towards depression, we face competition at all levels and especially at work it is unavoidable, so to best deal with it and lower the chances of depression, it is imperative that we all bring in a little meditation into our lives and practice it diligently.

Better understanding and improved Relationship- This is one of the major aspect of anyone’s life, we probably cannot create a progressive society if there is a lack of understanding amongst people in general. Meditation is that one thread which can easily contain the diversity into one united form if practiced properly. At work it creates better understanding amongst fellow colleagues and at home it creates and nurtures your relationship with family as a whole. Few of the best coworking spaces in South Delhi carry out Meditation and Yoga sessions on regular basis for its members and faculty at their work place to create positive vibes and improved understanding amongst coworkers. Given all coworking spaces houses diverse group of members it becomes even more important to practice meditation regularly and diligently to keep it all together and thriving.

And as we end, in the famous words of Deepak Chopra, Author and one of the most prominent Meditation Advocate- ‘’ Meditation helps you do less and accomplish more.’’


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