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Meet the vet who helps abandoned and stray pets find a new home!

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A decade ago, only a few people had pets at their home. Most apartments won't allow pets. But now almost half the population has a pet, and you can find pet-friendly apartments and even hotels in most cities. 

People have started to treat their pets as their kids, if not more. Even though it is great to see this change, there is still one thing that hasn't changed in years. And that is the number of stray and abandoned pets. 

Let's be real, everyone wants to buy a cute golden retriever, Labrador, or a German shepherd. Of course, they are wonderful companions, but due to our interest in foreign breeds, many of our native breeds are on the brink of extinction. 

I got a chance to speak with Dr. Vijaya Kumar, a Vet who not only treats animals but also rescue abandoned and stray pets and help them find a loving home. 

"I grew up with farm animals. So, I always loved animals, and helping them has become my passion," says Vijaya Kumar. He is popularly known as Vige. Dr in Pondicherry. "My parents had cattle, so growing up, I spent more time with them than my parents and friends." 

He was heart-broken when one of the calf got sick, and the vet couldn't save it. "I didn't sleep for a few days. After that, I decided to become a vet, and help the animals in need,"

In the past five years, he has treated hundreds of animals and helped many pets find a new, loving home. Three Best Rated®, a multi-national ranking website, has honored him as one of the top-rated veterinary doctors in Pondicherry. 

He currently don't have any pets at home, "I consider all my patients as my own pet and treat them with care. I think that's the secret to being a good veterinarian."

Many people contact him if they want to adopt a pet or give away their pets for adoption. He gives away puppies for free, but only after making sure the family is capable of taking care of the pup. 

"I don't follow any strict procedure. However, I will make sure the family loves pets, and if they can keep the pup for a lifetime. I also keep a close eye on how they are treating the pet and vaccinate them regularly."

Mostly mongrel pups are the ones available for adoption. While some people prefer having a pure breed, mixed breeds are equally adorable and intelligent too. 

They can adapt to the tropical climate. And unlike other foreign breeds, they don't require any extra care. Occasional grooming and regular vaccination will do the trick. 

They are easy to train, and mongrel pups are independent and won't demand much of your attention. So, they can be your ideal pet if you have a busy work schedule. 

"You won't change the world by saving an animal, but you will change that animal's world." - Karen Davison. 

So, let's adopt a pet and try to give them a new life.