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What are the top digital marketing trends?


Every year passes and new trends come, especially in software field. The trends get on advancing and new technologies keep on upgrading. You won't know what will be the new trend coming up the next morning. So, it can also be said as there is a dramatic shift in technology in digital marketing. Now the companies should also pay attention to the artificial intelligence and the visual gimmicks. There are a lot of new digital marketing trends that are evolving and can't be underestimated. Because these things are required for the success of the business.


Chat bots are the trending things that are on every trending digital marketing chart. This technology is based on artificial intelligence this gives immediate real-time reply as soon as a customer messages. Even it is day or night the customer's get the immediate reply. Most of the companies have already incorporated it into their daily work.

To meet the increasing demand of the customers' chat bots became the necessary requirement for all the companies. Those companies whose primary focus is the customer's and meeting their demands. With the help of these chat bots, your customer will never remain unattended. Every time they want to connect to you they will get an instant reply instead of waiting.

According to the recent surveys, it is expected that

"Until 2021 majority of the work will be done by the chatbots and this will help the business to save more than $8 billion per year in healthcare and the banking sector's"

A lot of customers like to interact with chat bots because they give the reply promptly. There is no chance that a chat bot will ever lose the patience. This is the best customer service while coming to meet the customer expectation and eases the work of the organisation which helps them to concentrate on the other important works.

Chatbots can do anything provide answers to questions. A little upgrading and coding can even help in providing the full details of the product to the customers. Even ask the question itself to the customer like the email id, order id etc. without including any human effort. The chatbot is efficient enough to retain all the customer information so that the customer will not require to start everything again.

The famous online cab services like the Ola and Uber use chat bot. Not only the Ola and uber online food delivery like Zomato, Swiggy, Food panda also uses the chat bot for contacting the customers. The passengers have to choose the items from the menu, give the address and place the order. It even tells the time taken and the way it is coming you will even have the online payment option. Chat bots made the life of the human beings very easy.


The whole marketing process in online has become easy and made the human work easy. AI can analyse all the things like search patterns, consumer behaviours, using all the data from social media platform, and blogs which help the people to understand what you and your company are all about. The audience will get to know about your products and the services.

Artificial Intelligence even provides the tips and tricks to customer's while having a conversation with them. It is even expected that by the end of 2019, 90% of the customer service will be handled by the bots without involving the human efforts. It is the right time to adopt AI in your work as soon as possible because in future the price will increase and so as the demand.


Advertising pro-grammatically is very important using the artificial intelligence. By doing this the Ads would be automated and can target the audience who are appropriate for your business. If this is done then the chances of them having a successful digital marketing increases which automatically lowers the cost for customer acquisition. A lot of marketers have already started including programmatic Ads.


Snack Ads doesn't mean Advertisement for any snack. These are short Ads on the online platform for less than 10 secs. Audience normally pays attention to the video content maximum up to 10 seconds. To engage the audience into the video content snack Ads are being introduced. Because keeping the attention of the audience is very important.

The surveys say that 90% of the users in the online platform are engaged in the video's only for 10 sec after which the rate percentage of the viewers gradually decreases. If the video runs for whole 1 minute more than half of the audience will leave the platform.

The usage of the shorter ADs have already come up and companies have started using it. In various platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc. Where the Ads comes in the starting of any video or in middle of the video which lasts maximum 10 seconds. Snack Ads are the best for the YouTube advertising and gives a lot of returns to the companies.


The block chain is now everywhere in every company. It has totally changed the face of the marketing trends by using block chain. There are a lot of contents available in the online. So, it became hard for the companies to engage the people in their company.

To overcome this the marketers have decided to opt for blockchain to encourage the customer's to sit and watch the commercial instead of leaving the page. Not only till that engaging them to provide the feedback, share with their friends, or comment on it.


Creating more influence in the social media marketing. Social media has become such a big platform that ultimately everyone has to turn to it. To gain the leads and customers for the business. Because most of the people all over the world are connected with each other on the social media. Which gives an effective opportunity for companies to raise the engagement for the brand.

This has become an important aspect of digital marketing. Just like each and every company is targeting digital marketing similarly, every company should target social media for advertising. Now even the consumers have become aware of it. Gone were those days when the customer didn't know anything about this social media marketing.

Now the brands mainly concentrate on bonding a nice relationship with the customers. Organisations are now concentrating on building a strong and long-lasting relationship with the customers. Which in return help the company to gain a lot of customer including the already partnered customers. This helps both the parties to grow together. This also helps in avoiding the sudden abandoning of the relationship.


Influencer marketing means using key leaders of the marketing field to promote your brand and tell the customers about your brand. Instead of reaching the mass directly you are using another pathway who are the influencers to get your word to the world. 

Usage of the influencer in marketing strategy is very useful because people follow these leaders and follow them. The influencer can be anyone celebrity or sportsperson, YouTube star, any well-known blogger, news reader, journalist etc. These people can be anyone but should be the well-known face in the society. Who will help you to spread your word and establish your brand name in the society. 

These people have a large fan following and people follow and listen to them. These people already have build trust for them in the mass by using these people to promote your self results very beneficial. Don't mistake by thinking it as an advertisement for the company. Instead, it is a positive promotion to make a place in the market and in the audience mind to attract people to the site.

Out of 10 people, 8 people believe on the consumer opinions and reviews. It even provides a lot ROI 10 times more than any digital media.


Customising the content has become a crucial aspect of marketing. In the future, it will become more vital and increase the customer engagement. It gives the customers a personalised experience and makes them feel unique and genuine based on the choices that they make and the preference that they opt for. It is far better than one content for all strategies marketing.

All the data that is being provided like the history of the consumer, behaviour of the consumer and the links clicked by them. The content can be customized according to the details given above and increase the ROI growth. Even 80% of the marketers think that personalizing the content will help in driving more engagement.


People in this century can answer anything by using the search engines that are available. The result also they get easily and early. But people now don't have the time to read everything or every paragraph. That is when voice search came up because it reads out all the information that is required using the audio content. Artificial Intelligence is the base of all these and the number of errors is also decreasing gradually. The systems such as Alexa, Siri, Google Home are the result of voice search.

Many brands have already incorporated these voice search systems in their work to deliver the customer the best user experience. And it is hoped to increase to 50% by the of 2020. 


It is a new type of search engine which will increase the user experience and take it to another level. Here people can upload the picture and increase the rate of searches. 

Pinterest is one of the great examples to it. Just only with the use of the visuals Pinterest has grown and came up this far and have raised approximately $150 million in the venture funding and $12.3 billion in valuation to focus more on the visuals. They even came out with a new feature known as 'lens' which can be used to take a picture of the item and search from where to buy it online? You can even find the same or the similar products online with related pins.

Not only Pinterest Google lens is also there. It is a visual search engine by Google that identifies the objects, landmarks and the other things using the lens or the camera app which is only present in Google Pixel mobiles. 

While coming down to Microsoft it has its own Bing Visual search tool which helps in searching a particular element in the whole image. First, do the image search then click on the results a search icon option which will help you know the more details of the selected item. This will not give results for the matching tools will also help in showing the place or similar products that you can buy. 


These are all the major trends in digital marketing that should be incorporated into the work any business to enhance their work. Adopting all these will help to be up to date and keep your self a step ahead on the digital platform.


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