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What is the Procedure for Patent Registration?

It is mandatory for all the Indian inventors who want to protect their intellectual property, regardless of their respective sectors to get their patent registered under the Patent Act, 2002.

A patent is a right that is granted to an individual of enterprises under the government used to exclude other individuals or companies to copy makes or sells the patent products without the approval of the owner of the patent.

It is mandatory for all the Indian inventors who want to protect their intellectual property, regardless of their respective sectors to get their patent registered under the Patent Act, 2002. There are some specific documents and a full fledged procedure for patent registration in India. Our team of Enterslice Advisors can help you with the simplest ways for patent registration with full legal guidance.


What is the Procedure for Patent Registration?

Following is the procedure to secure your patent with patent registration:

Step 1- File an application for the Patent Registration:

For Patent Registration, firstly, you need to file an application providing the details regarding the invention in correspondence of the intellectual property department.

Step 2 - Review regarding the Patent Application:

Once you have submitted the application, it will be checked by the patent office of the Indian government, whether there is an existing patent on similar ideas. If your ideas are unique and are liable for the registration criteria, then the patent certificate will be granted.


Step 3 - Patent Grant:

Once the patent office of the Indian government is done with their verification process, they will update the status of your application on the website of the government of India, department of industrial policy and promotion and the ministry of commerce and industry. It takes around one year to get the patent registration certificate.


What are the criteria to file the Patent Registration Application?

You need to follow the following criteria to file the patent registration application:

  • An invention made by you should not be published anywhere in India prior to the date of filing the patent application.
  • Your invention must have the capability to be used in the industries.
  • It is also important that the invention should not be obvious in nature and is fully considered by the skilled and professional person.

Role of Enterslice Advisors in Patent Registration

We make it easy for our clients to go through the various steps required for the patent registration in India. For that, we provide all kinds of legal services to our worthy clients all over India and across the world. To get assistance regarding the patent registration from Enterslice you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit our website enterslice.com and fill in all your required details like email address, name, and mobile number. After that click on the ‘get started’ button.
  • After that, our consultant will call you soon if you are in a hurry and are clear with the registration process you can move ahead with the process directly by making the payment.
  • Most probably are experts will call you as soon as possible within 4 to 8 hours of their working time period? If you are having some kind of query you can get assistance through Skype from our senior management team. You can also mail us on our id info@enterslice.com.
  • After that, you will be sent the details of the checklist of documents required for the process.
  • Then you can leave all the tension on us. We will further assign you the unique order number from where you can track the progress of your ongoing process. Moreover, we regularly send updates to our customers via mail about the work progress.

Hope the article was informative for you. To get more information regarding patent registration, contact our advisors at Enterslice.


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