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What should be the most important reason to start writing blogs


There are thousands and thousands of blogs websites on the Internet today and millions of blog posts. I think it would be safe to say that among all types of websites, blog sites would occupy a significant part, in fact they could be largest in numbers (many a millions). This should motivate you to start.

dream to Blog

There are number of reasons why people start blogging. Blogs are started by companies and businesses, by other organizations like non-profits, and by individuals like you. They all have different and their own reasons for blogging. A company may be blogging to help its customers with information or to reach out to prospective customers or just to keep them connected. But mostly the purpose is business oriented. A non-profit may start blogging to help out those connected with them in different aspects or areas and to regularly publish useful and helpful information, tips, advise, etc.

Someone starting a blog in an individual capacity could have totally different reasons. One of the reasons could be to earn from his or her blog site, which is alright. The other reason could be that someone just wants to share knowledge and help out others. It could be their passion for something that drives them to start a blog, or probably he or she just wants to pen down their thoughts in front of a wider audience, like many of us write diaries.

One of the reasons for an individual to start a blog or just think about starting a blog is that it is pretty easy to start. And yes one of the good things it brings with it is to connect you with people whom otherwise you would never have known. And the most wonderful thing is that most of these people would share the same interests as you.

Let me point out here that it is totally different for an individual to start a blog than for a company or any organization. This is for the simple fact that they have resources, which a person may not have. So, to really make something out of your blogs and ensure that it lasts the ups and downs of the times you need a strong reason for that. Starting something is always easy but to sustain it is always much more difficult.

So, why should you start a blog? Well, the first thing that will certainly help in starting out is having some expertise or knowledge about a subject. After all, if you want to start a blog, you need to choose a subject, an area.

Why start blogging

Now you need to have either of these two qualities to be able to sustain a blog. It would be best if you have both. First, as I said earlier, an area in which you have expertise or are passionate about. Second, fluidity of thoughts. Having knowledge or expertise is the base to start, it will give you a framework of things you will be writing about, the topics and subjects to write on. Fluidity or free flow of thoughts will give characteristics, substance or body to your posts. Just having subjects cannot make you write a blog. You need to form body of thoughts around it, you need to know how to express something, elaborately. The other thing that would really help you is knowing how to structure your thoughts and make them organized and presentable.

You are not writing for yourself, but for others to read. They are the ones who need to look at your blogs as interesting and helpful. Before putting yourself in a blogger’s shoe wear that of a reader and go on reading a few blogs about things that interests you. See why you like some blogs and not some others and why. Also note, that your readers need to see you in those writings, it should not be some random jotting down of points.

So, the two things I could suggest you to do is start penning down on paper what is in your mind. Write on few subjects you know and get some reviews from your friends or your network. See what they say about it. You need to look at those writings yourself too, and not just take their opinions blindly.

Then check out few blogs on your subjects and see how they write. By this time you will have little more clarity on your interest for writing. You will know how passionate and serious you are about starting a blog. And if you are really passionate then just jump into it, because the sooner you start the better it is and sooner you will improve. There is no point in sitting over something for long without taking any concrete decision.

Start Blogging

All you need to start a blog (or anything else too) is the right reasons and strong interest. Rest of the things can be and will be improved as you go along. Not everyone is born with all the talents, having just one is more than enough to build few more skills around it.

And yes, an important advice if you are like me. Do read what you write once or twice before you let others read it.

So, let me just wish you all the very best for this and hope I helped you out in some way and not demotivated in any ways.


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