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    Who Else Wants to Know The Mystery Behind Web Design Trends

    By Si3 Digital|10th Jun 2019
    What are some of the most effective ways to grab a user’s attention? What engages them most? Web Design Trends come and go, but it’s still important to know which website trends best fits your project needs.
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    web design trends

    Web Design Trends

    Every year between December and January every other article or blogs dedicated to web design is filled with suggesting web design trends to which to adhere in the coming year.

    This is how our web design company Dubai came to know that we should leave the realistic designs and start with the flat design, then we learned that the trend was the material design and go one to know what we will find in the future.

    Time is passing and one thing is still true: More trends will come every year and there will always be someone who will invite us to join that select group of people who adopt the cool style of the moment.

    This article is not to light your way and tell you which trend you should follow. There is nothing wrong with recommending trends, but there is a major problem in the way these recommendations are followed by top web design company Dubai.

    The Problem with Web Design Trends

    There is a problem with the web design trends and that if all web design company Dubai begin to follow a trend without putting much questioning in between, there will come a time when our creations will be so similar that it will be almost impossible to differentiate one from the other.

    As I write this I think of examples where it has happened and the first thing that comes to my mind is music. Let's go back to the second half of the 2000s, to the international overcrowding of reggaeton and think about how many different songs we have heard this same beat:

    I can also mention how web design trends have made many websites today look like copies of copies of copies.

    A few years ago, all web design company Dubai use to design websites that had a flashy slider on their home page (each one with more effects than the previous one), nowadays we see how many sites have left the slider and have opted instead for a large background photo, with a veil of dark color and a white text on top.

    No need to put images or links to exemplify what I'm saying because, if you're interested in design and you usually look at websites to inspire you, you'll know perfectly what I mean.

    Using sliders is an interesting tool that you can use with complete freedom if the project warrants it, the same applies to background images or any style that becomes fashionable, the important thing is that you know how to pass those ideas through a filter and not use them simply because everyone is doing the same.

    The tendencies tend to be superficial because those who follow them do not always manage to visualize and understand the motivations behind them. What happens is that we see that someone successful uses something that we find interesting and we think that if we use that, we will be just as successful.

    To exemplify this point, let's go back to music, in this case to the 80's when Prince was at the height of his artistic and commercial success. At that time, a whole group of artists followed the trend that he set, but none of them achieved great success (or at least a success of the same level) because what they copied was their style, their way of singing or to touch, but none of them was able to imitate their creativity or their way of understanding the creative process, because those are things that remain hidden from the public.

    Follow or Not to Follow Web Trends?

    Web Trends Followers

    Paying attention to what is fashionable is important, as web design company Dubai we must be up to date with what is happening in our industry and we must know how to adapt to the demands of the market and customers when necessary. However, it is not right to adhere to a style just because it is trending at the moment.

    Before adhering to a web trend, think about the background and the results.

    When you feel the desire to use a particular style or follow the example that other web design company Dubai have left, ask yourself honestly:

    • Does this really contribute to the client project?
    • Will this really help me make this project work better?
    • Will this help me better advise my client?
    • Does this align with the objectives of the project and the client?

    Put another way, my recommendation is that you do not use flat design or material design just because it is what is setting the web trend. Always put forward the objectives of your project, the branding of your client and the needs of your target audience.

    At the end of the day if you do your project only following a trend, next year you will need a redesign as new trends have appeared and what you used today will be obsolete.