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Why Digital Marketing is important? Branding In Digital Marketing

By Ramesh
What is the importance of Branding in Digital Marketing | Scope Of Digital Marketing

The power of Digital Marketing is quite known to the world. The Next generation Era cannot neglect potential of Digital Marketing without which it will be impossible to sustain in the market. We, as students at an early stage should understand how we can try our hands in Digital Marketing and fetch as much as monetary and non monetary benefits. A Certification in Digital Marketing will not only make the better candidate for job but also provides you the space to emphasize more on extra pay package. We need to understand each and every dimension of Digital Marketing and one of the very important pillar is Branding’.

Branding is an art to promote the product and services through advertising and distinctive methods and designs. Branding forms an important part of Digital Marketing and overlooking the function of Branding is just like overlooking the cream of the cake called profit.

Still wondering how much more Branding has to offer in the canopy of Digital Marketing:

.Going Viral’:  Going viral is the word which alone describes the power of Digital Marketing. It takes just an hour to spread a news like fire. From local issue to international one, everything is just possible with one click. The ultimate goal of going viral is to just reach out to millions of people and let them know about the content. The Memes chain is quite in trend today, and hence this trend can be taken as opportunity for many. Any organisation can be remembered by the customers only by the impactfup content they share.

· Visibility Factor : For any organisation, visibility factor is as important as the life blood. And the organization hires Students (When we know About digital marketing) to make unique content and reach to the larger organisation. Their concern for visibility factor can be an opportunity for the students like us to fetch more pocket money. Branding differentiate other brand’s product or service from the particular brand. Branding is one of the pillar of Digital Marketing. Branding is important for recognition of the brand, for example whenever you see ‘4 rings’ symbol on any car, you recognise it as ‘Audi Car’.

· Enormous ROI : Gone are the days, when organization used to print hoardings and distribute brochures and pamphlets on doorsteps. By distribution of pamphlets, how much is the size of your target audience? 500 or 600. And with Digital Marketing you can reach to millions and what’s the investment level to reach them? Not even in Lakhs.! The Return on Investment is very high is Digital Marketing with low cost and effective results.

· Inspires Employees : An effective Branding makes the employees inspired to work towards concerted goal. In future when we students will be hired as an employee in any organisation, where branding is an important paradigm, students can get a larger scope for development and also feel motivated to work.

· Branding is the Support System for Advertisement : Branding is an integral sub component of Advertising. Branding forms an up block to target and retain more customers and hence increase the sales.

This truly reflects how Branding increases the brand value and how the youth has an chance to learn and earn just by one click!