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Why SEO is Important for Business ?


Inbound marketing is on the rise and SEO forms a big part of it. Many marketers find it better as compared to traditional methods of push marketing. While the latter is not dead, these are some of the other alternatives that are far more lucrative in terms of getting results and generating ROI.


While having a website enables companies to market their business online, that alone is not sufficient. There are a thousand other companies who operate in the same space and competing with them is not easy. Talk to any SEO agency in Pune and you will get to see just how strong is the competition for keywords relevant to your business.

5 major advantages of SEO services for your business:


1. Increased awareness:

Make sure your website is prominently visible on search engines

2. Improved Credibility:

There is a general distrust of advertisements and people tend to shy away from clicking on them. They fear these ads are either click baits or malware. However, people are more inclined to click on organic search results.

3.Increase in traffic:

When you get your basics right, there are higher chances of you getting more traffic to your website. And as the traffic increases, so does engagement on website. With proper CTAs in place, you can efficiently convert this traffic into leads for your business.

4. Reduced cost:

Organic search is much more cost efficient as compared to paid campaigns. While it does considerable amount of efforts initially, the benefits are long term. Once you start getting ranked for certain keywords, you need to maintain good practices so that there your website consistently receives traffic on a regular basis.

5.Higher Return on Investment:

With little to no cost to begin with, organic search provide considerably higher return on investments. Especially when you compare it with traditional forms of marketing such as advertisements or sales promotions. Although they are also needed at different stages.

We are sure that once you see the benefits of SEO the first thing on your mind will be to start searching for agencies that provide SEO services in Pune.



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