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Why Small Businesses Shine Best With WordPress


The rockiest phase every small business must overcome is introduction. You’re a new player unfamiliar to the market; challenges will definitely block your path to success. Nonetheless, it is still all too often that we hear success stories from people who came from humble means. This tells us something. This tells us that a business, no matter how small, can spark a market revolution. All it needs is a sustainable product (or service) and a kickass marketing technique.

This brings me to a very important topic I would like for us to explore today: Online Marketing.

What Is Online Marketing?

A business may be small but that doesn’t mean it can’t be loud. You can have a 5 x 8 office in the real world, but a raging 10,000 monthly visitors online. Thing is, the online world defies time, space, and distance. You could be sleeping and your website, social media profiles, blog channels, and whatnot will keep working in your stead. It’s a promising platform to grow your business in, really. But before you even expect to merit from these perks, first you need to meet one basic requirement: A Good Website.

Many of you might think that managing your own website can be such a pain. After all, you have to hire people to develop it, write for it, and market it above all else. But if you try to do your research, all the small businesses that have flourished in recent years have one common denominator. They paid much attention to their online marketing pursuits. Also, each one of them has their own website. Most entrepreneurs even prefer personally spearheading their marketing campaigns to ensure that everything is carefully put in order. The dedication to facilitate even the minutest details is what brings any business into the limelight. It’s what makes them undeniably good at what they do.

What Does Having A Website Do For Your Business?

A website is like a fortress, you see. It’s your home base. This means that no matter how far and how deep you delve into the world of online marketing, your target customers have a place they can go to whenever they find the need for your product or service.

Read how a website increases market engagement here: https://getlevelten.com/blog/felipa-villegas/3-reasons-why-your-website-most-important-marketing-tool-you-have

Let's face it. Managing so many things at the same time can be a bit of a drag. It's also really confusing. Social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and video marketing are all very effective strategies. But if you're always juggling so many accounts and profiles, it becomes harder to keep track in the long run. This calls for the need of a website. With a website, you can link all your online profiles back to a single domain. So when a potential customer stumbles upon your business in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or whatnot, they will know where to find you.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website?

Now that we've made the importance of a website very, very clear, let's move on to our main discussion today: Why WordPress of all things?

I know you must be dubious about me pressing the idea of creating your website with WordPress. After all, there are other ways you can make your website come to life, right? You can hire professional website developers or you can even learn how to do it yourself. I assure you, I’m pitching you the idea of working with WordPress because I see your business benefiting from it. These three important factors lead me to this conclusion:

1. WordPress Is Too Easy To Use

As a small business, I know that you’d prefer doing things yourself – well, if you can. Good news is that with WordPress, you can really do it. The formatting and navigation controls, as well as the free plug-ins, are all too easy to use that even someone with zero background on web development can operate them with little practice. Also, because WordPress is a popular web hosting service, you can find a lot of “How-to” videos and dummy guides on YouTube to use as reference when you study the inner workings of the site. It really doesn’t get easier than this.  

2. WordPress Is Cheaper & More Practical

With WordPress, you only pay a monthly subscription fee. There are many packages, ranging from $, $$, and $$$ so I’m pretty sure you can find something that fits with your budget. Compared to hiring a full-time web developer – that is super expensive, by the way – setting up a website with WordPress is a more practical choice. Not only are you able to monitor your website more closely, you can also make it into EXACTLY what you want. Working with other people may sometimes lead to disappointing and wasteful arrangements. If you do it yourself, you get to save cash and avoid stress at the same time. It’s a win-win ­situation, I’d say.

3. WordPress Has Winning Plug-ins

Last but not least, WordPress incorporates many in-house software and programs that can help you with your marketing campaign. SEO agencies like Chicago SEO even promote WordPress to new business owners because it has many convenient plug-ins available for use – most of them can be acquired at a very friendly price too! Instead of worrying about developing your website from scratch, using WordPress is definitely a more feasible choice to make.

Save time, money, and energy when you use WordPress. Grow your business today.


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