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5 Reasons Why Website Loading Speed Will Matters in 2019

Since there are so many websites at our fingertips, today’s online web users don’t have the patience to suffer slow sites.

You are running a good business on the internet and have built an excellent network of clients over time. Also, you receive a steady stream of online users that visit your site daily. Some write meaningful comments on your blog section while others call or e-mail you directly for discussing business. After some time you have noticed that, in spite of your hard work and efforts, things have started to stall. The number of people coming to your site is dropping, bounce rate has increased, and conversation rate and search engine rankings have gone down.

Nobody is opting for products and services anymore. Your ideas and messages are not conveying to the audience anymore. The sad truth is your site isn't growing anymore as it used to. One of the primary reason behind this could be "website speed". It seems such a strange thing to worry about, but it affects every metric of the site.

Moreover, the internet has become the daily need of the people. There is a growing need for an augmented online presence that has evolved rapidly. Owing to this, many corporations are hiring website designing company to optimize their website according to the search engine for assured success.

How much time do you wait for the content on a website to pop up? According to the statistics, half of the people will abandon your site, if it does not open in 3 seconds. It takes only a second for the web user to determine whether they want to wait for the site to load or leave it.

Do you know even a fraction of the second delay in the loading of the web page has reported a decline in 7 per cent of conversion and fewer page views?

Website load speed refers to the average time taken by the server to respond to the browsers while opening website requested by the user. In simple terms, time taken for a web page to fully show up on your device screen. The time is calculated from the instant a user clicks on the link to time instant the page is fully loaded on the browser. It's safe to say that faster a site is, more its users will appreciate it.

Getting a website to load in record time is not rocket science. Given below are some reasons why your business should invest in a fast loading website-

The significance of user experience

These are the realities of the present online culture—User Experience is fundamental, as it ought to be. At the point when a site has a short loading time, the client will probably not skip to the following page and will rather keep perusing the site. The speed of the site drew in the client and engages them further.  

Additionally, numerous individuals may not know about this reality, website speed likewise significantly affects the quality score of a site. At the point when a web page has a quick loading time, Google thinks about this as a factor while assessing the overall site. In case the page loads gradually, the client will bounce and along these lines not convert, which will obviously harm the quality score. A higher quality score will affect driving down your pay per click or PPC, in this way the page speed can help bring down your costs relating to advertising on Google.

An example is to think about this as credit. Having a slow site is like paying your bills late—on the off chance that it takes you a more time to pay your bills; your credit will be influenced adversely. At the point when your credit rating drops, the interest rate increases.

Essentially, web crawlers will punish a slow website by positioning it further down in search engine results page. It is the part of the Google algorithms uses in order to rank websites. If your site is optimized for SEO, your rankings will climb up and will help push a site over its rival with fast loading website.

The first impression is the last impression

In every aspect of life first impression matters the most, same is the case with site. The people on the internet make an instant judgement about your business. A beautiful and well-designed website is of no use if it is taking ages to open. If your site is loading fast, then congratulations, you have made an excellent first impression. It’s a win-win situation for your business that will result in happy users. But that won't be the case if your website is slow. People associate websites that are fast to be more professional and reliable. The speed of the site means efficacy, trust and confidence.

Likewise, a slow website is deemed to be unsafe, insecure and untrustworthy. It's challenging to take back the first impression of slow sites, and the user might not want to come back. According to a study, it was found that 79% of the online shoppers won't consider returning back to a website if they have issues with the site’s load time.

Customers expect speed

Nowadays the internet has set high bars when it comes to website load speed because that what your customers expect. Everyone wants quick answers to their queries without delay. Business today put emphasis on Content Delivery Network (CDN) that compare the speed of the site as every mili-second counts.

It's clear we want instant results whether we are surfing on the desktop or mobile phones. Small businesses don’t have the luxury to afford slow websites because of fierce competition in the market. If web users will not find your website up to mark, they will simply switch to other sites.

Search engine optimization is affected by website speed

Technology has its deep roots seed in every aspect of one’s lives even without realization. Most of the business promotions from minor to major are based on the resources available on the internet. In this regard, web design and search engine optimization is the heart of every digital marketing strategy done over the web.

Google algorithms take into consideration more than 200 ranking factors in which the speed of the website is among the top ten. Therefore it has become imperative for your business to optimize your site for speed. Web designing is all about creating a fantastic and simple experience for the users. Give your visitors an excellent user experience with good navigation and information as fast as possible. When it comes to user experience website speed should be your top priority. It will also help you to get on the list of the first page of search engines.

Long terms effects

Most of your potential customers will drop off from your slow website and will not come back. In the long run, a slow site will stunt your business growth and will only get bad word of mouth. They will stop referring to your services. This will only hurt your brand credibility in the long run.

As 2019 has commenced, it is worth thinking about the speed of your website. Many studies have suggested to keep the load time of your site below 3 seconds. It is high time to exceed the expectation of your customer. In the end don’t forget, nothing frustrates a customer like a slow website. For more information, you can contact website designing company in Faridabad.


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