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Why Field Service Team Needs to Start Data Collection with Mobile Apps Right Now


Working as a field service team member means to collect and manage lot of paper forms.   The paper forms should not get torn or not be lost and then also needs to be passed it on to the office people as it is. It demands a lot of care, time and patience.

With advanced technology doing wonders, if your organization continues to use traditional paper forms instead of the field service apps for collecting data and to automate the process of data collection, then now is the time to bring a change. With smarter apps and intelligent mobile forms, business tends to make faster decision and is surrounded with lesser risks.

Field service apps for collecting data works effortlessly without internet providing offline support anywhere, anytime. Here are 04 solid reasons why business should start using field sales app for collecting data.

1. For Recoding Better & Accurate Information

Every business has different objectives to fulfil and is generally engaged in collecting important information internally and externally. Field service apps help organization to collect relevant information whenever required without creating different type of forms at the time of data collection.

With the help of field service apps, forms & tasks can be created easily using drag & drop feature to add or remove text fields. This makes the process of form creation & form filling convenient and fast for the company. Field team member can also interact well using chatbots on apps with the respondents ensuring that there is less waste of time and can make sure that relevant information is collected from every respondent. It is also possible to duplicate the submitted information, this saves the field team member from visiting the market frequently, thus saving time & energy. With intelligent mobile forms, there are fewer human errors, more clarity and no risk of data loss. All the recorded data is stored without getting misplaced, torn or any incorrect data.

2. Make Business Decisions Faster

What happens once the data is collected and stored at a place?

In case of traditional system of working, it is tedious to first bring bundle of filled forms on the table and then start with discussing various interpretations and making decisions. With modernized apps, the decision-making process can be done based on important patterns recognized from the data collected. Organization need not have a look on each & every form to come to a decision and understand the system. Instead, it is done by intelligent tools alongside form filling.

3. Bring Improvement in Handling Invoices

Invoices are very important. Once all the activities are done, the invoices are to be sent to the team of accounts. But this process is lengthy and time consuming for accounts team, as they must wait for all the tasks to be completed and then receive invoices.

How about a system that syncs every other system then & there?

Apps that collects information also syncs work order and the payment information. Once a form is filled using mobile forms, it is instantly sent to accounts team. This is a big time-saver for the field service team and accounts team. Teams do not have to carry paper forms and constantly visit to accounts office to provide them with the invoices instead it is done directly through intelligent system. This frees up the back-office people and team of accounts.

Chances of customer dissatisfaction drastically decreases with such invoice as on-site customer approval, signatures information are collected using captured images, digital signatures & stored digitally creating a positive impression and preventing billing disputes with customers.

4. Improving the Compliance of Data

In some organizations, there is a lot of pressure to ensure that the data is handled properly.

It requires formal and documented checks. Sometimes, not handling the data can lead to payment of penalties as a loss of license to practice.

Mobile apps create a greater level of accessibility and accountability log for data. With the help of apps all the technicians capture accurate information and achieve the targets of compliance. It is also possible to create digital trails of proof for audit and use at the time of customer complaints with the help of GPS information and timestamps. Intelligent mobile forms detect issues automatically with problem-free system.

Almost all the parts of the organization can view the submitted forms and therefore, whenever any issue arises, it can be quickly sent to the back office to help with compliance verification.

Want to Build Field Service Apps for Collecting Data?

Streebo DXA is a unique product that enables easy app development. The web and mobile field sales apps are built with highly customizable widgets that allow the IT team and Line of Business teams to control the security, access and govern the solutions. It mobilizes your enterprise by opening different interfaces on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and kiosks among others. With simple drag and drop interface create forms and apps in no time for your department. It comes with intelligent AI features such as chatbot and more.


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