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Working From Home? Reinvent the Joy!

A new perspective to an old but less prevalent work practice…

After the news of 21 days lockdown in the country, people gave mixed reactions to the forced ‘work from home’ pit they found themselves in. While it has its own challenges, there is a silver lining to this new era of working from home. Most people are saving hours of precious time. If those extra hours are put to prudent use, they could be life-changer for the humankind. The time ahead is unlike previous experiences and may bring a paradigm shift to people’s ways of working and living altogether. Here are a few ways you can let this situation bring out the best in you.


Look beyond routine! List down every activity you fancied and which seemed impossible owing to your busy schedule. Indulge yourself and do it unapologetically. As aptly put forth by Oscar Wilde, ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’. All hail you will bless yourself for doing this.

Devour that book you always wanted to finish, strike the yoga poses which your body is pining for, finish that blog, cook a recipe, dance on your favourite tunes, learn about stock market, tend to your garden, chat with friends, revisit old snaps, follow a beauty regime, paint the canvass, meditate, or just listen to music and do nothing, if that is what you have always wished for!

Invest in yourself and self-inspect. Emerge as a better you; after all this over, who knows you might as well discover a hidden potential lurking around.

Family Time

Didn’t you always want a long vacation with your family which does not dig a hole in your pocket or a long romantic date with your partner? Here is your chance!  No interruptions, no travel hassles, just you and your sweet little world.  

If you have kids, you can solve riddles with them, read short stories, play and most importantly – talk with them. Tell them the importance of family bonding and smaller things in life.

Now that house helpers are unavailable, delegate responsibilities evenly among all family members. It is a good lesson of management skills and dignity of labour at the same time. Furthermore, everyone in the family learns to admire the importance of household chores, if involved actively.

Tete a Tete with Nature

William Shakespeare once said, ’One touch of nature makes the whole world kin’

I bet we all have seen beautiful pics of rains, posted by our friends on social media. Of course, those are accompanied by the lousy comments manifesting their longingness and regret of missing the lovely weather. We can literally picture them standing behind those glass walls of office and banging their heads for having to lose so much.

Well! here is the time. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the weather in your balcony while you listen to chirping birds and feel drizzling rains. Be friends with nature.


You are doing are favour to yourself, your family and society at large, by not mobilising. It is time to take a pause and click the ‘reboot’ icon on your daily drill.

Clean your almirah, your house, and your mind. Reset yourself. Don’t let this opportunity go without changing your life for good. It may be a much-needed break from day to day hassles, given to us involuntarily.

The long-awaited weekends are a regular now for many. It came without warning; it will pass unmentioned. Do things that really matter! Leave your mobile phones, read less about negative news and look beyond it. There is a world that is untapped, untouched and waiting to be explored.

Remember, this time won’t last, but we will!

And those who are still not pumped up and are craving for their old schedule- hang in there. This too shall pass.


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