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How Fitness Apps Are Mandatory To Keep You Healthy & Fit During COVID-19 Lockdown?

During the nation-wide lockdown, Zofit Fitness App is the new ray of hope towards leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The national lockdown has surely proved as an interesting challenge for the super-fit gym-goers since gyms remain closed and the movement outside is not encouraged or allowed. And, like they say, if you are focused on doing something, you will always end up finding ways to achieve! 

With most of us stuck indoors, understanding and learning different ways to keep active and fit has become vital indeed for our physical and mental wellbeing. Moreover, research indicates that being sedentary is unacceptable for your physical and mental health. Therefore, staying active during this difficult time is important. 

In the same direction, while browsing through my phone’s play store, I came across an innovative digital health app, named Zofit! Recently, I even got the opportunity to get in touch with Mr Samdish Khurana, Founder & CEO, Zofit. 

On asking about what prompted him to launch Zofit, Samdish shares a very motivated set of stories. “Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated with the technical advancements. Whether it was a new generation laptop or game-changing tablet, I had to lay my hands on it. While I was graduating, I exposed myself to mobile application development and attempted to connect people with fitness-oriented technology to help them live healthy lives.”

So, this eventually gave birth to Zofit, an efficient personal fitness training application coach. How does Zofit then help transform people’s health? “Zofit with the help of its artificial intelligence, certified personal trainers, and the relevant user data, provides an eight-week personalized training program which features different forms of physical workout sessions to choose from,” clarifies Samdish. Now, here is this application designed specifically to enhance your fitness regimes and motivate you to exercise regularly. “You will never get bored by doing the same thing every day. For most of our workouts, you do not require any type of equipment. For instance, our bodyweight strength exercises intensify your motor abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, balance among the others.” 

An additional plus is that you can also choose to meditate with Zofit Yoga.  Enticing, right? During these difficult times of coronavirus lockdown all across the world, you can continue to keep yourselves healthy, both mentally and physically with Zofit! As of now, the application is only available on the Google Play Store and shall soon be a part of the Apple App Store as well. 

Expressing his views on how Zofit is a must-have boon during the current lockdown period, he clarifies, “Many people exercise in a gym or go for a run in a local park, so being forced to spend long periods at home is going to pose a challenge for remaining active.” So what can we do to ensure we make the most of the situation and keep ourselves fit and healthy? “Even if you’re stuck at home, there are ways you can stay active and continue your workout routine. And, some of these require very little or no equipment. If you own an exercise bike or treadmill, then you will already be accustomed to this in-house way of keeping fit. However, if these are not possible then any activity that raises the heart rate benefits your cardiovascular health.”

To understand why Zofit shines out among the other million fitness apps out there, you need to download it. People today are super busy in their hectic work schedules. And, the workload increases especially when you are working from home. Zofit customizes training programs according to how much time you can find to indulge in maintaining your physical fitness. “We provide them with the flexibility, customization, and guidance to simplify their health routines. Also, evaluating the current situation, it provides an easy solution to stay fit and stay healthy,” claims Khurana. 

In addition to being India’s only fitness app that uses artificial intelligence and user data to create personalized fitness regimes, Zofit offers an interesting variety of workouts like Yoga, body-weight, equipment-based and core-strengthening exercises along with dietary recommendations. 

Zofit features more than 800 diverse high-quality training videos highlighting step-by-step movement for a healthy body.

“So that every individual can use our services to stay healthy, stay safe, and workout at home, we are making training programs available at this price,” elaborates Khurana. “Devoting 15-30 minutes of your day to physical fitness will boost your immunity and help in fighting the worst health scenarios possible.”

Zofit App

Moving further, Zofit has decided to launch live training sessions to suit its customers’ needs. We live in a digital world. Whether it is online banking or ordering food, everything is on our fingertips then why not health? Zofit’s idea of providing people access to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this period of shutdown is very much inspiring. indeed.


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