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"A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step” – Ankit Jain, eBazar Ninja

E Bazar Ninja - 

“Consistency is the key and it is incredibly important”

“From our choice of vendors to our graphic and content creation to customer handling every small choice can either make a brand or break a brand. I am fortunate in this case as I have an extremely dedicated team around me who helped me to establish brand Ebazar Ninja

Ebazar ninja is super early adopters of the new technology gets some insights of Young entrepreneur Mr. Ankit Jain,CEO Ebazar Ninja and gets his views on latest change in customers choices to change of buying platform , changes in E-commerce Industry and changes in Foreign Investment policy.

Ebazar Ninja is a leading e-commerce company


Tell me something about E bazaar Ninja and what services you offer?

Ebazar.ninja is a platform that was initiated in order to provide customer choice from variety of products in their comfort zone. We provide power banks, clothing, home furnishings, utility products etc. Along with wide range of products ebazar also provide customer support services like delivery of products through best courier services, call center assistance for customer satisfaction.

How name E bazar Ninja struck in your mind?

E bazar Ninja though not having any literal meaning but it’s a combination of two hinglish words which describes our complete business.

E – it can be related to words like electronic, e-commerce, electric, easy,

Bazar – a Hindi word which means a common place to buy or sell

Ninja – it is inferred from Japanese art which means skilled in art

So “E bazar ninja” is electronic platform that provides common places that fulfil needs of all to the best

What makes Ebazar Ninja special?

Ebazar is special because it is not a business rather it is a platform which is fully integrated with most updated technology and it continually works towards development and up gradation. And yes its special personally also Ebazar keep me motivated for working more.

What are most difficult things to overcome to start a company in India?

To start a company is everyone's dream and not a difficult task to start but the main issue comes in sustaining it. As to establish a company entrepreneurs need personal traits like patience, dedication and zeal to work other than common issues like funds, customers, vendors etc. So I believe to overcome the pressure faced in the initial phase is the biggest challenge.

Future prospects of Ebazar Ninja? is there new product lines and new customers?

The reading word Future bring loads of fantasy to my mind. With the growing economy, we can expect Ebazar ninja also to show the same pattern of growth. And we the team at Ebazar will make sure that we fully leverage the benefits being provided.

Well if we thought for a new product line then I would surely like to enter into an online selling of medicine.

Why choose Ebazar Ninja amidst so many online portals?

I opted for Ebazar as I thought Indians can connect Bazar more easily with the work platform

Any advice for young people not having the courage to start their own businesses?

I am too young to give advice anyone as right now I myself keep learning something new on daily basis. But yes if I really want to give my advice to all then I will surely say “Stop wishing and start doing” and as well said by Steve jobs “I want to put a ding in the universe”.

How the changes in FDI will affect the business in India?

It surely expecting to give positive impacts to the startups. With the advent of new FDI norms, India will be open to investment from the foreign sectors thereby creating more employment, investment in India, better production and more options or variety to customers of India with the opening of barriers.

According to you what are the components online stores should keep in mind when trying to offer a customer a comfortable shopping experience?

I feel some are the key factors that affect the shopping experience. If I point out some of the components, they are:

Make sure your site loads quickly whether on mobile or computer

In order to extract key customers, e-retailers need to optimize their website.

Remember that a good photo can be worth a thousand words

Content of the website has to be precise 

And most importantly include customers’ reviews

Content should allure customers and also help them to retain.

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