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3D printed human heart

Path-breaking new advancement in 3D Printing by Swiss Scientists 

Path-breaking new advancement in 3D Printing has led to medicinal doctors all over the world skip a heartbeat, and that too without a scare. Swiss scientists recently 3D printed an artificial heart which functions like a real heart. This is a revolutionary step towards a bright medical future.

Scientists from ETH Zurich have 3D printed a silicone heart which perfectly mimics all the operations of a real heart. This heart can beat for around 3000 beats which mean, it can keep a person alive only for 30-45 minutes at the most before it collapses.

The aim of the team was not to replace the existing heart but to use this technology in cases where the patient is awaiting a heart transplant operation. Current methods are not only costly but also very complex. All the disadvantages of the contemporary methods like use of metallic pumps, plastics mechanisms, and material compatibility, can be overcome by this silicone heart.

The team has set some goals and it is safe to say that they have achieved great success in their project. The silicone heart has a right and left ventricle but instead of a wall between them, like in our heart, the scientists have replaced it with an extra chamber which inflates and deflates by pressurized air which helps it to mimic the heart operations.

According to a doctoral student at ETH Zurich, “With more research, all the issues will be addressed and hopefully we will soon see a better working artificial heart”.

A lot effort has to go into improving the material and even some design changes. The approach is promising but it is far from becoming a reality anytime sooner but it is a step in the right direction.

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