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How  I feel and what I do #stress #confidence  #Candoattitude
How  I feel and what I do #stress #confidence  #Candoattitude
How a start up CEO really feels and what they does...

Is this what you call a success or we have to find a new gateway to success .For all, we are successful entrepreneurs but inside story are that we are torn with failures and stress.

When you last time read that company building is very easy and one student or college dropped suddenly thought of a company and it was surfaced and whoa it is all time success.

When start a startup you are brimming with confidence .Let me speak about the harsh truths of being an entrepreneurs, it is a reality as they say one who is the ultimate decision maker is the loneliness. The spirits are quamped and the person is swamped, the real reason why the CEO is the torch bearer and the loner too.


One entrepreneur, anonymous, had a startup and it was not going great guns. The startup founders were friends and incidentally the employees were closely knitted family. One employee named Jack was not performing up to the mark and Jack has to be given a Pink Slip.

What to do think the CEO as Jack was close friend of one of the founders and their starts a series those sleepless night and burdened soul. You are caught between your Karma and Dharma at that moment. What to choose and what no to choose lead the CEO to retain that employee.

He gave a sigh and the end of this fatal decision was even brutal in the terms of the financial turmoil. That was the finance employee and he jeopardized the performance of the fiscal year.

Hopes of the CEO squashed and he regretted his decision of the retention…

Here, the neither Karma nor Dharma won, the fear of facing the consequences won .The fear of losing a friend and a co-founder cost him a pit in the company.What if he had ousted that employee right away and thought of hiring a new one and explaining well to the founder that what he has done for the beneficial grounds of the company.


EBazar.Ninja CEO, Ankit Jain, a charismatic e comm saw a rough wave and anxious moments too. It was the wave of demonetization in India and it affected all and sudden slump in business and enterprises. That was very particular case in ecommerce as the currency was not available.

So, it had an adverse effect on his company also. Result – Sudden attrition rate and it was higher due the less orders and troubled waters looking ahead but sun shined through the clouds and Ankit kept his cool apart from panic.

Intel CEO, Andy Grove says being paranoid helps and it helps a lot for employees as they keep a close eye on the environment and making more and more productive. Moreover, he says it helps them to balance the strategy and the view, rather than having some loyalist it is better to have a CEO , who is not a kingpin will give a appropriate picture by handling all the situations apart from greasing them. CEOs give help for multiple strategic options and avoid being part of anxiety.

And the positivity soon engulfed the atmosphere of EBazar.Ninja and moreover they started with a new venture too.

What helped in this situation, his passive and collective approach and which is the stream lining the business again .He proved his passion of following the dreams and his calm and composed approach again spanned the wheels towards the positivity and fruitful growth.

More of such examples will continue but the real problem has to be PARCHED in order to gain. The real problem is our MIND and our decision making skills.When CEO, you are the head and that time your personal attachments and emotions has to be limited.

This also reminds me of the famous story by Munshi Prem Chand ,”Paanch Paremshwar”, when Algu Chaudhary becomes sarpanch , the very physiology of being the governing head enters his soul and he does justice with the his friend’s aunt. It is a finest example doing justice to your WORK AND POSITION.

This is a story of startup CEO also, the world is small for his and his job is the loneliness but he has the power to bring change and happiness to his team.He has bought the best decisions and sail his ship through all the troubled and murky waters.


So, many big decisions have been made by the CEOs from the mergers to acquisition, foreign market entry and product launches, so much has to be done. Secondly, talk about the examples and more and more of it, it will be highly beneficial as med. To curb those sudden hunger pangs and anxiety bouts.

But do we ever think about his plight, he is lonely but he is successful, he is stressed yet smiling.

He made his plans daily to scale up business and provide best to his company and loses on FRIENDS.

Life of an entrepreneur is a challenge but when you overcome all these challenges then you come up a real savior. Your warrior ship skills combined with the leadership skills gives him title of a savior AND SURVIVOR BOTH.

These viewpoints are of Mr.Ankit Jain who is CEO of charismatic ecommerce startup and also started his new venture.

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I am a voracious reader..I believe when you are completely silent your mind speaks.Being a fan of Harry Potter, I feel Hogwarts has to be a real one..

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