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Education can shock you sometimes!!

My parents were in utter shock when they got to know I topped in two subjects all over Lucknow University...

It was in 2012 when my journey in Wipro started, I was in the process of settling down in the new city along with managing all the work on my own, which to be honest I never did, being the youngest in the family I was so used to getting things done in my hand that I never realized it would be so difficult.  Along with indulging myself in the process of making new friends, coping up with the daily tasks performed at home and at office and figuring out a lot of things on my own when suddenly my dad called. 

He informed that he received a call from my College Principal who further informed him that I have stood first in two subjects [Business Statistics and Economics] all over Lucknow University.  My dad was in utter shock and asked me about the same. Though he was extremely happy about it but was wondering how I did it!! To be honest  I too had no clue about it. The moment my exams got over and the results for my third year was declared I got the job and went to New Delhi. However, I knew that the combined result for all the three years was still awaited. 

As I was a mediocre since my childhood it was difficult for my parents to digest the fact that I could even top any subject.  First and second year of my graduation was normal like other kids and received a percentile of 80% each year. However, Business stats and Economics were always my strengths since starting  of my Grads years.  Moreover my third year results were extremely good which might have affected the overall result and thereby making me top two subjects altogether.

Coming back to the point my parents were in shock. My mother did mention whether my results were examined properly? As I topped two subjects so she did believe that I did studied hard. Otherwise if it was just one subject she would have put the blame on the examiner to not have examined my papers properly resulting in me winning my exams!!

But in reality my parents were extremely excited as my principal invited both of them to the convocation day to receive Cash award, medal and  Trophy.  Next day, I received a call from my dad & he informed that  apart from winning so many awards my photograph is also published in the newspaper.  

Its still fresh in my memory when my dad said "I am proud of you bitu".  To be honest, I never  imagined that it could actually happen to me. Little effort can actually bring such a big change in life. Its correctly said when you least expect things, your stars will make sure you get the most of it. Dreams do get fulfilled, its just that one should have patience focus to work towards it. 

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No matter how much life puts you down just don't give up. Its a hint that something big is soon coming your way...

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