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Girls in Information Security Breaking Stereotypes  

 started my carrier in 2006 and now I have over 10 years of experience in application, Infrastructure, network, Mobile and Cloud security domain which includes manual and automated code review, vulnerability assessment, Pentesting and remediation support. I come from strong application security background and has been working on application security vulnerability assessment, secure code review, threat profiling and remediation support for web/client server applications on different technologies based on Secure Design/Development guidelines and OWASP standards/guidelines. 

When I started my Journey it was a roller coaster ride. Working 24*7 which means night shifts as well. People started asking my parents why do you let your girl in night shifts"ITS NOT SAFE OUT FOR GIRLS". The best part about this was my parents supported me by breaking all steriotypes. I wanted to move to Pune from Delhi as my company has good projects in Pune. I asked my dad and on the first instinct he said go for it. That was the best and such a different move, which made me what I am today. Before that I never went to any other state apart from Delhi.

After shifting to Pune, I started to learn new technologies around Information Security. Again Night shifts because my stakeholders liked my work and wanted me to help them with the Assessments. The best part was weekends off. I got a gang in Pune. But that all male friends as not many girls wanted to come in InfoSec as it requires 24*7 work with Extra work hours sometimes. Then I thought to educate and motivate girls in Technology towards Information Security with a saying 'If you need milk, would you buy a cow?' Likewise if you are interested in doing something different you don't need to always work in night shifts. Believe me it was purely my choice to work 24*7 no one forced me. I have trained closed to 100 + girls. I have given certain sessions as well on Information Security to girls.

This is the only thing that gives me so much happiness that I am able to make a difference in someone's carrier. I have won certain CTF's as well in National and International conferences. I was always fascinated with the word "Hack or Crack", I thought of trying with my profile.

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