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World's three hard problems solved and no one noticed yet

My name is Dr. Mukesh Bangar. ‘I was born and raised at small town yavatmal, India’, ‘I am Dentist’, and ‘yes, I do programming and doing research on AI’ and one more thing ‘I had speech problem stuttering ’ with that controversial background, recently I had published my research work which explains about ‘origin of universe’, ‘what is consciousness’ and ‘I built first self aware, self programmable and self govern machine’ but  mostly indian researcher got valued their work outside of the our country like Ramanujan.  We indians are very much engage in politics, cricket and bollywood. I rarely saw on news channel topic related to science, invention and research. That is why today I am writing on social platform. So here it is my story...

As a child we all follow one simple method the scientific method, how come? Children first observe the things and then they make some hypothesis and they do few actions (experiments) then they got some results (inferences). But I hadn’t stopped my childhood habit. I continued with it and became a good observer. Mostly I was concerned about ‘how and why’ type of questions rather than ‘what’. I always been fascinated with questions like from where this world came? why we are living? what happen after death etc. I think, most of us also thinks about it. That time I had a well pretty answer  “The God”. When I read ‘Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection’ I changed completely and that was the last day of my life to be believed on God. After that, these questions became bigger and bigger for me.

Hence I started research… an extensive research; I got my mentors from Books, Internet, Wikipedia, Google and Youtube. After 7-8 years of research I found some rational and reliable conclusions.

Let’s begins with the question ‘From where are we?’ I mean ‘The origin of universe’. I proposed totally new theory  “Theory of Real Space-Time Integration”.  My theory proves that the universe is evolving from nothing and motion in universe is from real time. I proposed law “Universe is emergent and symbiotic by inheritance”. The fascinating part of my theory is "differance between zero and nothing" For more detail explanation, you need to read my research paper.

Then the second was ‘what is soul, where it is situated’ means “consciousness”. I researched human brain and artificial intelligence to solve this mystery. Learning about human brain and neural networks wasn't difficult for me due to my academic background, but AI and mind philosophy were bit difficult part. After a long research I discovered ‘integrated sensory motor loop (ISML)’ which is responsible for consciousness and also I proposed cognitive model of consciousness in my next theory that is “The cognitive model of consciousness in toto”

Last one is ‘Awareness Processing Unit’ which is self aware, self learning and self govern machine… world’s first conscious machine. After discovery of ISML, I started working on logic gates, processors and programming languages. Using logic gate IC’s I applied my algorithms into machine and built small version of APU. At the same time I built another machine using wireless technology which is also self aware, self learning and self govern.

But what is the use of this theories, Why it is so important to know about it?

If people get understood, how this world evolve from nothing, then whole thought process will change. this  religious wars, social differences, terrorism, social violence, fascism and riots will automatically settle down. because the root cause of all this problems are false beliefs about creator of universe.

Let's talk about self programming machine, our money and energy is going in building new advance machines, actually we are labor of machines. For programming, maintenance, building and production we are using lots money and resources and we are spending less time for enjoyment, health, gym and other global issues – So I build self programmable machine which can understand normal natural language instruction without any coding and programming for it. In simple word we are deleting the system of slaves labors and lords through AI

Now the most important thing is to secure our meaningful life our existence our consciousness into machines that can survive on other planets. We should start building plans to move on into different parts into universe.  I really need your support, love and blessing to continue this work. 

Thank you so much for reading and understanding 

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