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AMUnotes.com - A Journey From A Village to College Entrepreneur

A story of journey from villages of perfume city Kannauj, hindi medium backward student to a college entrepreneur.

About me:

Currently i'm a computer engineering student at Aligarh Muslim University and founder of AMUnotes.com , EWYL, IDENTUS,Hour IndiaOrderatusAirnet DigitalYusra AcademyYusra Education Society and Trust and Web developer of CARET- Centre of Advanced Research in Electrified Transportation.

My journey:

I belong from Kannauj - The perfume city of India and a UP board student ( hindi medium ). I didn't listen the word entrepreneurship in my past but having too much interest in business fields. I joined engineering  entrance preparation classes in Kakadeo, Kanpur. I failed to qualify the IIT- JEE Advanced but got selected in AMUEEE with chance memo of 129 in external list. I joined the AMU in 2014 as a computer engineer. I was very weak in english so most of the students of my class called me as a semi bihari but i didn't take that very seriously.

One day i got an idea by seeing the xerox corner of my college, many students are getting xerox their friends study material to develop a website for the study material of Aligarh Muslim University. And I developed the website AMUnotes.com for the students. We scanned the notes through cam scanner app and by making PDFs we upload them. Currently we are providing class notes, teachers notes, Books, Books solutions, exam papers, assignment etc.

We collect the notes from every faculty and department of  university by the students by declaring following posts.

Faculty Representative,Department Representative,Notes Provider,Web developer

...Here is the progress...

Bab e syed - Aligarh Muslim University (Entry Gate of AMU)
Bab e syed - Aligarh Muslim University (Entry Gate of AMU)


Within one year of start we have more than 2000 followers in college and around 3000 daily visitors with lots of appreciations. 

Today: 2483

Yesterday: 3,174

Last 7 Days (Week): 24,142

Last 30 Days (Month): 79,717

Last 365 Days (Year): 914,501

Never Loose yourself, Think always to go ahead

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