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Onyx is the entrepreneurship cell of The National Institute Of Engineering,Mysore. 

Onyx E-cell is the entrepreneurship cell at The National Institute of Engineering (NIE) Mysore, which is affiliated to the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).Onyx was started in August 2009 by a group of final year engineering students who set out on a mission to redefine entrepreneurship in India. Onyx has over 500 members and has conducted various campaigns across the state of Karnataka.


The Wadhwani foundations initiative of a Non-profit organization which create and support entrepreneurship cells across India. The NEN helped create an E-cell now known as Onyx at The National Institute of Engineering,Mysore in August 2009. Since then the NEN has been supporting the development of the E -cell and also the campus ventures started by students within the college.


In 2009, Onyx collaborated with Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore to go green and implement green technology, following which the E-leaders of Onyx began the implementation of eco -friendly chulas in villages across Karnataka.

As a part of World Environment Day celebrations on 20 May 2010, Onyx and CREST organised an informational cycling rally to places in and around Mysore which use green technology in their daily lives.[citation needed] On September 5, 2010, Onyx began its own celebrations for an Eco -friendly Ganesha Chathurthi, initiating a campaign where the E-leaders created awareness amongst the general public on the availability of eco-friendly clay idols which would not damage the environment.

During 2012, Onyx began celebrating E-Week from February 11–18. by the "Heritage Walk" from JaganMohan Palace. There were events ranging from Paatshaala to Big talk about "Who makes the future Entrepreneurs or Engineers?" on Feb 11 at the NIE college.

The Big Fight is an annual signature event organized where students and Entrepreneurs from across Mysore assemble at the Open Auditorium.It consists of three panels namely Traditional Entrepreneurs, New age Entrepreneurs and students. In 2013 the topic was "Traditional Business v/s New age start ups".

E-Hunt an Interaction with Entrepreneurs of Mysore

E Hunt or The Entrepreneur Hunt is an event that involves the students hunting for the inspirational stories among the local entrepreneur; the team believes that everyone has their own unique story. This is a direct interaction with local entrepreneurs about their Entrepreneurial journey.

E week@Schools, Creating awareness about Entrepreneurship at schools in Mysore

E-talk is a talk given by an Entrepreneur, it is an interactive session about the Journey of their Venture from the initial Budding idea stage to a successfully running venture. The main idea behind this being, that Students get an Idea about how to start a venture.

Cyclathon, a cycle rally around Mysore promoting green energy projects.

Greenathon, a cycle rally of 15 kilometres (9 miles) around Mysore creating awareness about the various clean energy and green technologies projects taken up by the Centre for Renewable Energies and Sustainable Technologies (CREST) of NIE College was organised as part of the Entrepreneurship Week India 2013 on 10 February 2013.

 Onyx hosts B-Gyaan, a National Level Business Plan competition with many teams participating in it from all across India.Great Entrepreneurs like K Vaitheeswaran (Founder & CEO at Indiaplaza ), Achutha Bacchali ( Unilog Content Solutions),Shivaram Malavalli (Chairman & Managing Director at Ehealth Technology Business Incubator), Priya Kuber (Managing Director at Arduino India ), Hemant Sahal (Founder & Chief Artist at Butterfly Innovations) and Rakesh Babu (Director at Innomantra Consulting Private Limited),Mala Mary Martina(Founder of I Love Mondays) have been part of B-Gyaan .The students are exposed to a 2 day long event where on the first day E-tour and gyaan foundry are scheduled.


In 2010 Onyx was the recipient of NEN's Nilima Roushan creativity and innovation award for the idea and execution of developing and constructing eco-friendly chulas in certain villages in and around Mysore with the concept of a revolving fund. They also won NEN's Runners-up award for their contribution to Entrepreneurship week (E-week) 2010,which is an annual fest conducted by NEN in support and celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, with over 500 participating institutions all across the country spreading the importance of entrepreneurship.

In 2011 Onyx took to the tracks, where the E leaders moved into several trains between Bangalore and Mysore to talk with passengers about their "Ideas for India"(E-week theme 2011) and the importance of entrepreneurship in the country today. This event won them an Award for the largest public awareness in the Country.In 2011 Onyx and the National Institute Of Engineering(Mysore) won the Championship award at NEN E-week 2011.On 18 February 2012 at Dayanand Sagar College, Bangalore, Onyx won the NEN E-week Championship for the second time.Onyx again won the E-week championship in 2013 and 2015. Onyx also got the best ecosystem builder award in 2015.


Crazyyatra(2012)sweet'n'swirl(2012),reinventio(2013),voxa(2013),Chopstix(2014),robokraft(2014),  D-Apparel(2014),Lush(2013).

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I am a young engineering student who is in entrepreneurial arena from past 3 years in Mysore.

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