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Meet Ashok [Born Artist] Who's Art Is Different From Rest

He is an born artist, making 2D paintings from wastes. Despite of support from art world, he is using his talents to generate beautiful art pieces. He says " never give up in life...."

Ashok Kumar Sethi, living in a Brahmapur city , a small town of Odisha state has started this unique 2D paintings with his idea to convert house garbage materials and turning into beautiful art, paintings.

Without any professional training..he simply got this talent since his childhood..when he used mix with our village people in making murtiss..gods idols.. ..

He got this idea from his own house construction time, when he saw house labourers left the woods, white clay and wall paints. There he got an idea to use these wastes and create his paintings. As per his interview, it was very difficult to start because he didn't have :

1. Art Professional qualification 

2. Painting materials , hence used dry grass and used small brushes.

3. Place to start his paintings

4. Who is going to purchase his paintings ?

But this didn't stopped him doing his work. He has that passion for paintings. He said " I used to do for the sake of interest ..simply to pass my time and if some friends comes and like it , I will give him as gift.I even gifted 22"*5"*22"  Painting 2 : A girl with a pot , plucking lotus.. this about 0.7m *0.5m dimension

Odisha is one of the spiritual place in the World and mainly known for its art and heritage. Puri Rath yatra is what makes Odisha , the holy place . Everyone from every part of the world visit this yatra and gets the beautiful glimps of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balram and Sister Subhadra yatra.

Ashok says.. it gives him inner peace when some appreciate his paintings. He has now started selling his new paintings when I met him during my visit to native. Yes there is very difficult situation for artist like Artist because no one is there to highlight and support them. We only see paintings in cities , hardly anyone from art industry visit villages and host galleries to support.

Pic : Showing Ashok painting Radh Krishna 2D oil painting.

After seeing Ashok, it tells what will happen to such talent who are still living under darkness and hardly anyone is ready to come and support these talents. Education is necessary. Ashok says if he was educated and provided direction during his childhood days only, he would have reached to popular level because at this stage even if one is having talent he/she has to show their qualification as an entry pass to display their products especially.

Wish like Ashok , every other talents , should be brought up somehow and encourage to move ahead with their passion.

You can meet him and contact him here : +91 9658345150. A small step to bring up lost talent.

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