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Stop googling! Try lovequad™ Your Budget! Our Plan

Date Planning Platform

It all started when technology boomed the nation! A team of three guys started an online Date Planning Portal where individuals can just sign up and plan a date with their partner without any fuss. "The Date Planner " takes care of everything that contributes to a perfect romantic date.  

Jatin Srivastava, Dharam Raj, and Giorgi Lagidze  are the genius members behind  a 6-months old start up venture  lovequad™ A Bengaluru-based professional date planning service aiming to keep couples reconnected by designing a special date in their busy lives. Today every couple  in a metropolitan city works for a living.  And they somehow manage to achieve little time to spend with each other with the help of technology advancement. ‘Staying Connected’ is what we would like to refer it as.  But why do we refer partners as ‘couples’? Cause they always stay together, it's a basic instinct. Every individual tends to come out from their virtual way of connecting when they have spare time. And they refer to it as “Going Out” The professional term for it is called a ‘Date’, which is the best moment a couple spends together and for obvious reasons they want it to be PERFECT. This is where Lovequad's importance comes into existence.

Time-consuming thoughts every individual goes through without lovequad
Time-consuming thoughts every individual goes through without lovequad

When an individual thinks of taking his/her partner out on a date, the person does a lot of research. And at times even more than a scientist. We all know the main substitute for research is time. So every individual goes through the time-consuming thought of going out with their partners.

 Lovequad uproots the time-consuming barrier and helps the consumer plan a date within minutes. Users can just sign up with us and we plan out the date for them. That’s why our slogan says Your Budget! Our Plan. We have tied up with most of the prominent dating spots or locations in Bangalore which includes one of the prominent resort  Jade Retreats. Lovequad works with their transportation, decorator & theme designer team and coordinates the entire process with their customer. Our product will eventually grow popular and we are striving hard to achieve the results. Next time when you think of going out on a date with your partner think lovequad. THE HASSLE OF GOING THROUGH SO MANY APPS IS NOW OVER!

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