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My Story: How to Earn well by choosing Manual Software Testing field as a Fresher?

Here, I am going to tell you my story which started from a Fresher to Manual Software Tester with good salary. and its because I have selected Manual Software testing as my career.

Getting a job is a great accomplishment for a fresher. The rising competition makes it difficult for fresher to find the right job. The boom in IT industry has created a lot of jobs in the industry that pertains to Software including development and testing. If you are one of those who wants to get a job in Software industry then testing is a field that you can get in to without any specialized skills.

Manual Software Tester
Manual Software Tester

Software testing is a field where on-the-job training plays a vital role and once you have learned the techniques, you can grow in the industry. Manual Software testing  relies on your capabilities as an end user, you report issues that you encounter and test the final Software as a client. These privileges make your job exciting.

Research: Manual testing might sound simple, but, in reality, it is not a brainless job. You need to possess strong analytical skills and need to have basic knowledge about the industry. Therefore, it is important to be informed about what is happening around and what skills are required.

You can read the skills requirement section of job postings for testers and try to learn things that you can. Additionally, be informed about the tools that are available for testing. These simple checks can give you an edge in the manual Software testing business.

Practice: Practice makes a man perfect and that is exactly what you need to do if you wish to excel in this field. Start practicing on different Software that you can download and use. It does not have to be for money, you can practice for free on different Software.

You can also connect with Software testers via professional platforms or through personal connections and understand the kind of work that they are involved in. Choose similar Software and test those as per the brief and share with them to hone your skills.

Approach: Making an effort in the right direction will help you get the right job. Once, you have prepared well by researching and practice, you are ready to approach companies and present your candidature as a tester. You can either use popular websites to apply or ask a friend in the field to recommend you.

When you apply to different companies, remember that companies have different criteria for selection and in case if you are rejected, don’t be disheartened. Keep trying and prepare for interviews. Each interview that you attend will give you experience in handling different types of questions.

The right attitude and passion are what is required to get into the manual Software testing field. You have to research the right skills and opportunities, practice the skills that you should possess and the ones that companies want the ideal candidates to have. After gaining this exposure, approach companies and learn from your experiences. If you are a Software tester, share how you got your job and want skills are required in the field.

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Chirag Thumar is an Application Developer at Technoligent - a big data service providing company. Chirag has the knowledge of App and web development and he can work with big data analytics very well. Technoligent has a team of application developer and Chirag has the responsibility of a leader. Chirag has the M.S. Degree in Computer Science.

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