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Showcase your shortfilm making talent at right direction with Shortfundly

An all in one platform that short filmmakers should signup!

Short filmmaking had always been a road of high struggles with more compassion and creativeness. A majority of the filmmakers had struggled to find out the right platform to showcase their talent. 'Shortfundly - The dedicated short filmmaker platform' started by young energetic Shortfundly Tech Team had put a step forward in helping out filmmakers with a lot of short film data.

As short films are rejoiced and accepted as a new standard, International and Regional short film festivals had become a trustworthy platform for short filmmakers. Shortfundly's Film Festival portal aggregates short film festival events and helps discovery of Film festivals more trendy.

Haryana International Film Festival, Must International Short Film Festival, Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Karad International Short Film Festival and a lot more regional and International Film Festival had signed up to host with shortfundly. Shortfundly enables users to submit their short films with one click to any number of Film Festivals.

While YouTube, Vimeo continue to be great video discovery platforms giving online video streaming service, still, we will have to get opportunities improve and give far better video viewing experience. Especially as shortfundly focuses only on short-films and to help out short-film makers showcase their creative short film videos .

Today, If you want to watch a short-film online, you’d have to dig hard using search engines, which is a time consuming process. Shortfundly organizes short films in a manner helping viewers watch the right shortfilm.

The newly opened Shortfundly's Expert Portal helps Short filmmakers find the best possible crew for their short film projects. Shortfundly envisions to serve as the LinkedIn for Short filmmakers and to serve as IMDb for short films. At Present Shortfundly houses 20,000 short films and has over 1500 registered short filmmakers.

Selvam was quoted as saying, 

“We will be launching short film festival through brand 'Shortfundly' soon. We will organize the world’s short film media content information and make it universally accessible and useful. We also plan to launch crowdfunding for short filmmakers. Currently, we are a bootstrapped startup and are planning  to raise Series-A funding within 6 months.”
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