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Five reasons why the customer may not bite

Products & services exist to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Below are the 5 common reasons why customer may not buy your product.

Money: If you hit the target right and show them the real value of the product you sell, if you position your product well, and product is truly beneficial for them, customer manages to get money anyhow to buy your product.

Need: it is your job to create the need, if there is no evident need by the person to consume your product/services. One of the common reason customer walk away from your proposal is that you have failed to create the need. Let your consumer know how your product meets their needs, makes their life better, solves problem, saves time etc.

Time: Customer often ends up rejecting your deals because they think they don’t have time to consider your product. This often happens when you fail to show the real value in the product you sell.

Urgency: We often face delay from customer side on buying decisions. Whenever you are finding that your prospects are “just too swamped,” You would need to build trust to bring your product or service to the top of their priority list. Hence you need to create a sense of Urgency. Help them recognize the need; be the problem solver. Spend you more time listening to their requirement & less time on selling. Figure out a reason keep the communication alive.

Trust: Customer often doesn’t buy because they don’t believe you. As a marketer, you’re either going to establish trust or you’re not. Social proof like articles, videos, reports, case studies, testimonials, badges, certifications, press releases can help you establish trust.

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