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Google AMP: The fulcrum of faster mobile web browsing


This lexicon might be new to your ears but believe me, you have run across it more than once. Elucidated as Accelerated Mobile Pages, this Google led gumption speeds up the loading of mobile web pages, thus leading them to load in less than a second.

True to its peculiarity, Google has been the most adaptable search engine till date, leaving behind all its old and new counterparts. When the urban population translocated the tapping of their fingers from computers to mobiles for each and every internet related stuff, Google too adapted itself with AMP tool, to ensure its operators get the same old or rather more comfort during mobile internet search usage.

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are contemplated to combat the heavy and slow loading of the web content on mobile; thereby making the mobile web content available at the fastest possible pace.

Google AMP
Google AMP

And why not?

After all three seconds is the maximum time a user can wait for a page to load. But wait, do not confound yourself between mobile friendly pages and AMP version; because both of them differ on the basis of the score of code used in the page itself. Google AMP pages are bereft of animations, scrolling effects and pop ups which unnecessarily upsurge the site loading time but advantageously are equipped with actual content, images, videos, and text. AMP is also a very effective ranking tool with parameters subdivided as:

• Mobile friendly pages

• Fast to load page speed

• User experience

Apart from all this AMP requires, more of good content in comparison to the layout design, because of which it is considered to be one of the latest trends in SEO in 2017.

Launched in February 2016, AMP HTML is jeweled with its own set of rules and resources to pillar the basic and fast mobile web technologies. At the time of its birth and at its nascent age, AMP was used by only large news publishing sites, but now there are multiple platforms which reinforce AMP, either by granting an AMP component or by handing out integration with AMP. In fact, most of the digital market product pages are today AMP enabled.

But have you wondered how AMP does this wonder?

Well, this is what it does. AMP very smartly compresses the images, when it senses poor internet quality. It optimizes the external fonts and further compresses the images when dynamically needed.

Speed is a really great brand message,” Galifi said. “When you’re dealing with e-Commerce specifically — conversions & purchases — studies show that purchases are tied to page load time.
Google AMP
Google AMP

But, still, speed is not everything. Therefore Google has come up with new AMP toolset and advancements to ensure the maximum level of customization:

• AMP BINDS – It allows internet retailers to create product pages with interactive elements such as size and colour.

• Google is also improving the advertising experience on AMP pages, so as to safeguard the advertisement loading speed and purchase campaign format and options

• Google has also come up with AMP analytics tool to assist the tracking of users across pages.

• Expansion of multiple e-commerce sites and coverage of additional ad formats

• Google’s AMP cache reduces the bandwidth of images by 50 percent

• Implementation of Google Brotli that reduces the document size by ten percent


• Advertise on AMP pages

• Get imaginative and simplified landing pages

• Learn to drive traffic to landing pages through blog posts



Google has in a way given the platform to today’s mobile user’s generation to monetize the mobile internet through its AMP or accelerated Mobile Pages tool. So make the most of it like many others did.

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