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For All Your Learning Needs

From learning for interest to finding a job. 

Often my trainees ask me "what next?" at the end of most of the training sessions & how do they expand their learning horizons. For all of them & also for everyone who is looking or making excuses of not finding relevant links, websites or MOOCs to learn & expand their skill sets, I have carefully curated few wonderful links, where you could learn, practice tests and do more all at "zero cost", Yes, you read it right, they all are "free" or mostly free.

For Quantitative Aptitude - If you're looking to work on your math, logical & reasoning skills for placement tests or just for fun, you'll find these links extremely helpful.



For specific technical interview questions - The "TCS", "CTS", "WIPRO" & "HCL" and a lot other top IT and non-IT company, you can find all the technical questions from campus recruitment tests across the nation.


For Internships - Internships are the best way to gain experience and exposure of work life. And it also pays. ;). By the way, we at Learnize are offering few interesting internships, send us your resume at careers@learnize.in. We already are one awesome company to work with !!








To Learn new courses - Stop wondering & start doing. From Business Analytics to IOTs ( Internet of things ), take up the MOOCs and show off your skills at hackathons and technical symposiums.








Communication Skills - Communication is important too. Learn new words, improve your vocabulary and get through that ever haunting "HR" round.



A gist of what we do, we help you learn and get connected to people who can help you learn better, faster & in a more efficient way.

Learnize is a Cloud-Based Hybrid Learning platform on Mobile For Students To Ask questions & Get Mentored via Text, Call and Email by Experts

To know more, you can contact us through phone at +91-9841248546 or email us at contact@learnize.in  

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www.dhirajsingh.in Dhiraj Singh is an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer & content strategist. He currently heads Learnize Pvt Ltd, which is an educational technology company and Gyaan Reloaded Training Services which is an active training services company catering to the new age training needs of academia and corporates majorly across India & South Asia. Learnize is recognized as one of the 11 most promising startups of the year, 2017 by Founder Institute where as Gyaan Reloaded Training Services has been covered by media across four states in five different languages for it’s innovative & out-of-box approach towards training & training facilitation. Dhiraj is also part of a logistics firm, South East Carriers, which caters to the biggies of the Leather Industry and has been continuously regarded as one of the best logistics company to partner with. He has been identified as one of the youngest and most dynamic speakers, trainer and educational consultant in India. He was recognized as one of the Nano Nexgen achievers, a promising entrepreneur by SEC & Founder Institute. He was also an academic gold medalist for being the best outstanding engineer of his batch.

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