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My Effort to turn Rs.2000 into TWO Millions

Being an entrepreneur I wanted to share a few experiences I had on the journey to my success. After I had completed my education, it was at that time that I started looking out for a job. I attended many interviews, got appointed. I worked as an employee in a few companies but was never happy with what I was doing. I faced many hurdles during this tenure, I didn't earn enough from these jobs to make ends meet. As a result, I was determined to start my own business. So that I could be my own boss.

This idea leads me to establish my own business of homemade pickle of various varieties which is a commonly used in Indian houses. When I put forward this idea to get the opinion of my near and dear ones, they warned me that I was on a wild goose chase. The other reason behind the negative reactions might also have been because I had very little investment to set up the business which had quite a few costs that would be incurred.

But being insane, I was filled with confidence and a thought occurred to me, there are many Indians who are spread across the globe. They live in countries that are far from their home, not only in distance but also in culture and food habits. But the love for Indian food always remains. This love for Indian food can be nurtured by providing it to them at a low cost.

This idea strengthened my will to start the business so I took up responsibility, by establishing a business of homemade pickles under hygienic conditions, to serve them with a small taste of their homeland. With the small investment I had, I took the help of an e-commerce portal and also got orders through social media that are channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As soon as I started reaching out to customers through social media, within 10 minutes I got the first order for pickles of worth RS. 2000 and more than 50 Enquiries. The first order filled strength in me and increased my confidence. This RS. 2000 became my initial investment which led a pavement for establishing my venture. This became a great achievement in my career, the amount of 2k investment took the turn over now to serving 2 million Indians across the globe. We have orders coming in from different people across the globe from different walks of life.

I thank each and every one for extending their good wishes and wonderful support for getting this venture to such heights. Thank you.

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I am the Founder of Jampani Pickles. Checkout My website orderpickles.in

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