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It’s ok to talk about your period!

“I am sick” is not better than “I have my period” stop making it sound like it’s ok when it’s not.

Me: Hey, I’m not going to be in office today, I’d like to work from home.
Male Boss: May I ask why?
Me: Sure, I got my period and the cramps is too bad.
Male Boss: What the hell, this is too much, how can you be so rude?

So that’s exactly, I mean believe you me, that’s exactly how the conversation went, I am not exaggerating.

And he wasn’t even very old, he wasn’t, not just him, I called off a plan because I had a horrible cramp and even a male friend of mine kind off was so uncomfortable.I even had a female colleague suffering in pain come up to me, she asked “hey what do I tell him? I really want to go home, the cramp is unbearable”
To which I said, just go tell him the truth man, how hard is it? She was so hesitant, and again, I don’t blame her. Since when has this topic become a taboo, so you aren’t really suppose to be open about it?

Every month when you’re on your period, you’re actually supposed to tell the boss or the senior manager that you are sick instead? Don’t tell me that they actually wouldn’t be guessing, for one, you can’t sit there and judge people for taking an off or women working from home. They sure as hell can’t be sleeping and working at the office, believe me people try not taking off’s but sometimes it’s so horrible that they can’t help but take one.

I recently read on Linkedin, not certain if it’s an Indian company, they announced something called as “menstrual leave”, now that’s very, very thoughtful, now the so called anti-feminist guys will oppose it and say what shit, this is a cycle in woman, why give them off’s or whatever the hell. Jerk off, when women come out in open and actually confess you fucking respond accordingly, no its not rude, definitely not, if you can sit with your boys and talk about sex, and whatever the hell, this topic sure as fuck is ok to be spoken out.

Students need not run to their female teachers for help when they are in need, Girls should stop looking out for mothers and seek help from their father/brother about this.

Stop calling it a taboo, and be ok to talk about it in open, I watched a video yesterday, watch it here: http://bit.ly/2bEWNTH. When I go to the medical till date I don’t really get why they wrap up the pads, I will be a hypocrite if I say I haven’t really been uncomfortable carrying it in the open. This was taught to me, I didn’t inherit from within, now who is to be blamed, it starts from the very scratch.

And today, we talk so much about this issue, there are ad’s where woman are talking about being on period is ok, you need to be open about it and what not.
But are we really open to adapt these changes?
I certainly don’t think so.

Dear Men,
If a woman actually asks a you to go get her a pad, please don’t be a dick. It took her enough to confront you. It means she trusts you enough to actually confess in you.

Dear younger generation,
This isn’t dirty, if someone gives you gyaan about not being there for your mother, sister or girlfriend, stand up for them and do what you have to do.

Dear Male bosses,
Please understand, “I am sick” is not better than “I have my period” stop making it sound like it’s ok when it’s not.

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