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6 fun ways to pull pranks in office

A workplace can get a little bit tedious with all the workload. The workplace can get too serious and it can have a negative effect on the production as it can put too much pressure on the mind. 

A workplace can get a little bit tedious with all the workload. The workplace can get too serious and it can have a negative effect on the production as it can put too much pressure on the mind. To keep things light and fresh you can also take the help of simple and harmless pranks. It will make everyone laugh without doing any harm. The perfect time for the pranks is the holiday season as everyone is anxious to leave.

Here are some harmless pranks that will get your colleagues laughing.

Wrapping up the Desk:

It is the perfect prank for someone’s birthday as you can wrap up the whole desk and present it. It will be an excellent surprise for the colleague. You can get all the other people involved in the prank and after wrapping the desk and the chair you can top it off with a beautiful actual gift from an affordable and versatile place such as Rockerring. It is an easy and affordable prank that will get a lot of laughs without doing any harm.

Taking Control of Coworker’s Computer:

You can always annoy your coworkers by taking control of their computer. You can connect your wireless mouse with the coworker’s computer and you will be able to click wherever you want. It will stop the other person from doing what they want to do. You can open all the applications that your colleague does not need to use as that person watches the computer screen in horror.

Filling the Room with Balloons:

It is an excellent prank but it may require some effort. You can involve all the other colleagues and allow them to help in blowing up the balloons. You can surprise a coworker on his or her birthday or promotion by filling their room with balloons. It will be funny as they open their door and all they could see are the balloons. It will be an excellent balloon surprise.

Creating a Crime Scene:

It is an excellent April fool’s day prank as you make the coworker’s place a crime scene. It does not require a lot of work as all you need to do is to get the crime scene tape and place it around the working area. You can take things a step further and draw a chalk figure marked on the floor. It will give quite a shock to the individual and it will get everyone laughing.

The Toilet Paper Prank:

It is a classic prank that is perfect for the April fool’s day. All you need is toilet paper and you can hang it around the colleague’s working area. It will take the coworker a lot of time to get the toilet paper down. It is an excellent prank idea that is fun and harmful.

Stapler or a Mouse in the Jello:

It is an excellent and classic prank that will annoy your colleague and also get a lot of laughs. You can put their mouse or stapler or even keys in jello and put it on their desk. 

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