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Bouncing back from a failed startup 

Gharwaalatiffin is a story of 2 friends who decided not to give up after their first attempt at entrepreneurship in the online supermarket sector to Online Homestyle food.

Gharwaala Tiffin initially came into existence to solve the problems of the  bachelors working in the IT sector and struggling to find authentic homemade food . 

We started with providing monthly subscriptions of tiffins to our first customers and started learning all the in and outs of the business . It took us 6 months just to figure out what the market actually needs . Just monthly subscription was not enough. After the no. of iterations in our thalis ( tiffins )  menu , packaging and  pricing we decided to launch an online portal with all the flexibilities to allow a user  select his own plans .
We launched flexible subscription with a wallet system which allows user to select the days on which he wants the food and only pay for those days . User can also cancel their  food of a particular day and get the refund in their wallet .

With the thalis which we offer comes a challenge of a change so we decided to launch an ala carte menu too .

We are still working on our ala carte and extending our menu and delivery times.  The business will be franchised by the end of this year . 

We are in process of creating worlds largest food chain catering to the daily food problems  A brand which will be a solution to all the food problems. 

Gharwaalatiffin is a Takeaway QSR + delivery food chain with an platform for online ordering which also allows its customers to take subscriptions for hassle free regular food deliveries according to your days of subscription plan .Currently we only have only online delivery system and are yet to launch our first takeaway joint .Gharwaalatiffin is a 3 months old website ( Launched on 22 January , 2016 ) but the team has been working on the concept , business model & its USP from last 1 year. Before the launch of the website we used to function with the name as Foodies tiffin centre and orders were all taken through whatsapp .Currently customers can order online or through phone call .The Flagship product of gharwaalatiffin is its Thali which accounts to 70 % of its Sale revenue.

Checkout our Video : https://youtu.be/aXeQ4bWt20Q

Gharwaalatiffin sees a huge market opportunity which is untapped and very unorganised . The market for Homemade food or we can say Normal , simple food which can be eaten on a regular basis. Currently there is a huge GAP in the market which has arrived after after Globalization and Women empowerment .The traditional system of women handling the kitchens is no more and Cooks , maids and nearby local dhabewallas are highly unreliable , unprofessional . Max of these vendors don’t even provide home deliveries . This has led to rise of packed food in the country which is gaining its market share with time. Gharwaalatiffin is a solution for all these problems and we see ourselves as a food chain operating with more than 15o franchise units in next 7 years of operations .We see a future when the people start thinking about the food in a different way. Rather than buying monthly groceries then hiring a cook , adjusting with their time . Gharwaalatiffin will be 1 step solution to all these problems of having a reliable food vendor for your daily meals.

GharwaalaTiffin has its Flagship product as Gharkithali which accounts 70% of the sales. We offer a user to order his food online through our website www.gharwaalatiffin.com . A customers can also order through the phone call. When a customer places his order he is able to select a delivery slot and our delivery team delivers the same in the required slot . .Our thali has a bi weekly menu so a particular combo is not repeated more than twice a month which helps us to retain our customers .Apart from our thalis we have other ala carte menu also which includes Biryani , Parantha Combos ( Aloo , paneer etc ) chinese items and Desserts . This helps us to retains our customers more because eating Roti sabji everyday becomes too monotonous . Thereby creating Gharwaalatiffin a 1 stop solution for food delivery problems  

Gharwaalatiffin provides Fresh Homestyle food with a bi weekly rotating menu which can be eaten on the regular basis.

We allow customers to take subscription according to their own convenience. They are charged only for the days & type of meals they select.

Customer can cancel their meal before the cut off time & get instant refund in their wallet which can be used in their next order.

Customers can get easy home delivery in the required delivery slot & also order their meal in advance or for the same day through our website & APP.

Customers can also get express delivery within 45 mins.

Customers can easily place their order online via our own wallet and get Cashless deliveries which also allows us to have their money in advance.

Our initial story on our website : http://www.gharwaalatiffin.com/about-us.php

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