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India For Sports- The only Athlete specific crowdfunding Platform in India!

We ensure every promising athlete gets the support they need to succeed. 

Crowdfunding has come a long way in India. And why not? Its the need of the hour. When the Government can't provide adequate help to the people who really are worth it then comes in picture the idea of Crowdfunding.You call it by any name- donation, charity, support etc...but the idea is to help people and that in itself  wins the battle.

Talking about sports in India. No doubt, India is sports-driven or rather Cricket-driven. And if we talk about condition of sportsman in India, then I guess still there is a long way to go. So here comes in India For Sports ! We actually are a bunch of sports enthusiast who wanted to give these athletes a platform where they can raise funds for their their sporting needs. 

How it started..

 It was incepted in June, 2014 to help Indian athletes with funding. Since then we have raise 4L INR in our 16 campaigns. We wanted athletes to share their glory and achievement through our platform and thus ask people to contribute in their campaign. India For Sports (IFS) was set up with a vision to provide a same level playing field to the Indian athletes when they compete at international events. The organisation tries to solve the basic issue of funding for the deserving athletes. It also provides the athletes visibility by covering their stories, hardships, achievements and activities. The organisation also connects the athletes to corporate sponsors and other sports aiding organisation to provide facilities such as  nutritionists, psychologists , Physiotherapists etc.

Much More than just Crowdfunding

India for Sports has also started  a one of its kind Athlete Profile Page, wherein every athlete can make his/her profile page which will contain their medal records, trivia, rankings, story, achievements, awards etc. They will have their unique athlete page where they can create a fanbase for themselves and thus grow their network. These profile pages showcases their athletic journey and keep  fans engaged. This page houses their current and previous campaigns,  bio, timeline of athletic events and achievements, and it features their sponsors. I

Any athlete, from amateur to professional, looking to bring their career to the next level, can use India For Sports  to share their story, connect with fans, attract sponsors online, and build their brand with our athlete profiles and campaign pages.

Coming soon...

We  will  be soon launching  Best In Class Social Media Integration. This feature will help the athletes to  Share their  story as it unfolds, using campaign updates in the form of photos, videos or messages. With one click, they can post their updates on Facebook and Twitter and send them to their supporters and imported contacts via email.

Connect their Instagram and Twitter accounts and aggregate all their social media posts on one page, so their fans can follow you accomplishments with ease.


Be a part of the journey from the beginning. Join the most powerful community of supporters backing competitive athletes in India. Your support helps rising stars get to competitions, train safely, eat right, sleep better and stay focused ! 

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world . This is very rightly said. If every Indian believes in this then there will be no dearth of funds in India to Sportspersons ! Lets all together #SportifyIndia

Story of Dhyan | The heartwarming story of Indian Athletes !
Story of Dhyan | The heartwarming story of Indian Athletes !

This video perfectly describes the state of athletes in India, why adequate funding is needed and how good support can turn India to a sportified nation. Watch this heartwarming story of the young Indian athlete. Learn more at https://www.indiaforsports.com/

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