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For writing a story you need an 'ikigai'. To those who don't know what ikigai is, let me know them, that 'ikigai' is a Japanese word, which means 'A reason to be'. You want to write a story then you need a reason to write it. You can find out the answer by asking a question yourself why do you want to write?

                                                        My story began with a reason. Every morning I get up and I need a reason to start my day. It is necessary that I find it otherwise life don't seem worthwhile. How many people are there who actually live with a reason? every single person. But does that reason gives them any life. How many people actually work for a reason that makes them happy? the answer is , not more than 10%. You need a reason to start you day, but the first reason should be your life. You need to live to do something you actually want to do. And if you are working under a boss, who, you abuse every single second when he handles any task to you that you don't want to do, or whenever he refuses to give you your salary. The reason behind all this is that you do not listen to your heart, you do not follow your inner voice, you do not do what you actually want to do, so do you think you are living? 

The ikigai of life
The ikigai of life

We all have one life, and that life is limited, so do not waste it living like that idiot you yourself don't want to be. The most inspiring person for you is you. You need to trust yourself that you can do anything you want by yourself, you do not need advice of others, who do not understand your dreams and your life. 

Best of luck with your ikigai :) 

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It is my work to know what others don't :P :D

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