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Journey from broke to Multi-Millionaire Jitendra Dhaka top blogger

Story of a self made multi-millionaire who was broke 4 years ago but with his hard word today is a India's one of top blogger, journey of entrepreneur who is bagging upto 20 lakhs per month.

Journey from broke to Multi-Millionaire Jitendra Dhaka top blogger

As like story of many self-made Entrepreneurs, this story of a entrepreneur will inspire you with his journey from broke to multi-millionaire. Today he is bagging approx. Rs. 20 lakhs (20,00,000) or 2 million per month and has made many entrepreneurs who are today earning 6 figure amount per month. Now after successfully setup of entrepreneurs by his knowledge of digital marketing and helping hand he is ambitious to teach Digital Marketing skills to the candidates and help them to start with their business. To complete his desire of converting India’s youth in a Digital marketer and enterprenuers with successful start-ups he has opened up a source from where you can learn digital marketing skills from his School “WhatisSEO.in? (WIS) Digital Marketing Academy” is associated under the Crazzle Plus group. This entrepreneur with a promising future ahead is Mr.Jitendra Dhaka (B.Tech/MBA).

Jitendra Dhaka
Jitendra Dhaka

His Story

Let’s take the glimpse of his journey which surely inspire you...

Mr. Jitendra Dhaka is from generic family and he completed his 10th and 12th academic year from a small town school in Junjhunu, Rajasthan in 2008 till that he never operated a Laptop or computer. But who was knowing that he will become internet entrepreneur on day, after his 12th he started to pursue B.Tech from Lovely Professional University (LPU). In the first year of his college he operated laptop for a first time and he got a news from his friends that through internet we can earn a pretty good amount and can fulfil dreams. As Jitendra was from a Generic family and all the expenses of his studies was his responsibility so he decided to learn how to earn online.

From here his real time journey started with it was not yielding as much as expected because he was just learning at that moment about this earning procedure and the he started to make income through Google Adsense and managed his college fee. Then after the successful completion of his college in 2013 he got a placement in HCL, he was happy that he is having job but on the other side he was having that instinct that something is missing in this so after a big fight in mind he finally left his job and choose to be a entrepreneur. As Jitendra had knowledge about the internet marketing and online earning so he decided to be a Professional Internet Marketer. But for this he was needed money and English being from a small town he was lacking both but still he worked hard on his problems and never made a excuse of out any circumstance and tackled every problem with hardwork and patience.

This was a time when his mind was concentrated to be a Entrepreneur and to shook this world with his innovative ideas and this made him to cutoff all the connections from this world as he not bothered what people saying about him, never wasted his single minute, never spent single penny for party of something instead he started to save some for the future plans and he started to work for 20 hours a day – Day or Night not mattered to him he was just focused towards his goal, His strong perseverance and hard work brought him here on this place.

Jitendra Dhaka
Jitendra Dhaka

How Much he Earns today?

First he started with a firm “Crazzle Plus” but after his boosted energy, helping start-up, scattering digital marketing knowledge now turned Crazzle Plus to Crazzle Plus Group. With the knowledge of Digital Marketing he is earning per month 20 lakhs rupees / around $30000 and now students of India who wanted to be entrepreneur they can learn this course and start their business and complete their dreams.

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