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Take a Breakfast Trail Around India with a Travel Loan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and thankfully, we in India have no dearth of options for a healthy meal first thing in the morning. Follow our list of breakfast items, take a food trail around the length and breadth of India, and sample the finest foods.

Aloo Paratha from Punjab

Aloo Paratha is arguably the most popular breakfast option in Punjab. The soft and flaky parathas are stuffed with spiced mashed potato, and served with a dollop of fresh butter. This might be decadent and indulgent, but it is also comfort food at its best. Visit highway dhabas that dot Punjab and Haryana for one of the most satisfying food experiences in India.

Nihari from Lucknow

A slow cooked stew made from lamb or beef that is cooked with bone marrow for hours together, Nihari is said to have originated in the royal courts of Lucknow and Delhi. Occasionally served with cooked brain, the traditional Nihari is a perfect amalgamation of taste and aroma. Head to Lucknow and sample the Awadhi delight that was a favourite of the Nawabs and the working class from the 18th century.

Halwa Poori from Bihar

Popular in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Halwa Poori comprises a large, puffed up poori, or deep fried dough, served with chickpea curry and halwa. The halwa is usually made with semolina and topped with nuts, and unless you have sampled this delicacy, you haven’t eaten at all.

Puttu from Kerala

Puttu is a wildly popular breakfast dish prepared with ground rice and layered with shredded fresh coconut. Served with spicy chickpea gravy, puttu makes for a healthy and delicious breakfast. In case you prefer your breakfast to be of the sweet variety, puttu can also be eaten with ripe bananas and a sprinkling of sugar.

Dhokla from Ahmedabad

Made from chickpea flour, dhoklas are a firm favourite in the Gujarati breakfast repertoire. Soft, spongy and diamond shaped, they are often served with a smattering of tamarind sauce, grated coconut and mustard seeds. Sweet, salty and with just the hint of spice, the traditional khaman and dhokla hits all the right notes. Visit Ahmedabad and enjoy the finest dhokla in any of the dozens of street-side eateries in the city.

Neer Dosa in Mangalore

Neer means water, and this is the perfect name for this delicate crepe-like dish made from a thinned out rice batter. Usually served with chicken curry in Mangalore, the neer dosa makes for an especially satisfying breakfast.

Misal Pav from Pune

Misal Pav is a much-loved breakfast food from Maharashtra. It is many-layered and complex in its flavours and consists of a gravy made from sprouted moth beans and is served with pav, a soft bread. The misal is topped with savoury sev, onions, coriander, lime and potatoes and promises a riot of flavours and textures that is bound to excite your taste buds.

Jadoh from Meghalaya

This Meghalaya staple can be eaten throughout the day, occasionally even for breakfast. It is essentially a rice dish that is cooked with meat – sometimes chicken or fish, and even pork. It is garnished by onions and garlic and closely resembles a pilaf or pulao.

Uttapam from Tamil Nadu

Uttapam is a pancake-like breakfast dish from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is made from rice flour and urad dal and is an extremely healthy breakfast option and comes in several varieties– onion uttapam, carrot uttapam, paneer uttapam and so on. Similar to the dosa, the main difference is the uttapams are thicker and softer, but all the more delicious.

Feast on India’s diverse cuisines with a travel loan

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