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Eateries in Bristol that should never be missed

The food scene in Bristol is fabulous, to say the least. The place is blessed with an opulence of restaurants and bars, breweries and markets. Taking a trip around Bristol is meaningless unless you have explored some the famous eateries and bars that can make to the list of top restaurants in Bristol at any time. There are many unusual places where you can enjoy the most memorable culinary experience, and some of these have been listed in this article.

The Star and Dove

A place for heritage British food, this restaurant gives you a chance to go back on time and soak in the traditional British menu. The motto of this restaurant is to redefine heritage foods of the country. The focus is on serving authentic food that can take back people to their roots. The place boasts of award-winning lunches on Sundays, and the relaxed atmosphere adds to the comfort and pleasure of the guests. Wines are served with a lot of fervour, and you can get a good range of new and old varieties.

The Urban Standard

The place has been there for many years but had lost its shine and attraction and was set to be lost in oblivion before being given a new life in 2014. Old-timers fondly remember the days when they had spent a larger part of their youth at this joint. This can be your watering hole as it serves food and drinks throughout the day that spills over into the evening. The quality of food is simply amazing, and the selection of drinks is no less attractive. The ambience of the place has an element of nicety that adds to its charm.

Curry House

There is a smell of oriental spices in the name of this award winning Indian restaurant that arranges for home delivery for free. The menu consists of different cuisines that revolve around the Indian foods that are famous for its curries. If you want to experience Indian food at its best, then this is the place that you should never give a miss.


This Michelin starred restaurant is run by the Sanchez family and is a hot spot for foodies in Bristol. The restaurant started in 1999 when the family took an adventurous plunge into business, and the entire family of parents and sons got completely involved in it. The involvement was so intense that when the chef quitted, the kids took the onus of turning chefs by themselves. The restaurant follows a fixed menu for each season, and as the menu changes in the next season, the decor of the restaurant also undergoes change.

No.4 Clifton Village

Clifton is the place in Bristol where you can relax in the real sense of the term. To add to your delight, No.4 Clifton Village waits eagerly to serve you with delicacies that can complement your tranquil mental state that the place has to offer. They offer a la carte menu that is driven by seasonal ingredients, and the menu keeps changing. 

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