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Ways To Tackle Smog and Survival In Delhi 

Smog smog everywhere …..

How to tackle smog in the current situation.as the winters close approaching we all have noticed the smog.When we wake up in the past  few days has been very tricky as  when we wake up in our homes in Delhi, our rooms are full of smog as if some wood fuel or Angithi is burning. I wake up and the room has full of smog.....

The first thing came to my mind is ,”What’s cooking? Then I move out and see the park in front of my room, ”Ahhhh thick envelope of smog, what is this? Then I gave my thought process a sprint and ponder over that this is not Kitchen but something else..What is it then? The answer is SMOG.

“Smog has covered Delhi like a black blanket”, which I often say to myself in the wee hours of morning between coughing in order to get my breath back as the  current condition of Delhi smog  is taking my breath away.

Like me so many people are losing on breath, suffocating and visiting hospitals.

Post Diwali has seen severest smog since two decades. We often got confused between smog and fog.

One has to be very clear in this terminology:

Smog: Pollution and Fog. It is the photo chemical reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides, air borne particles and little of Ozone.
Quite a poisonous mixture you might be wondering.....

But this mixture aka smog is acting like a poison in the lives of Delhite. Post Diwali, the burning of crackers and the paddy fields burning in Punjab and Haryana added the horror to the Capital. There is rise in breathing problems, asthma and other lung borne disease.

Now, the ultimate question is how to curb this. I read in the morning newspaper that, Delhi schools have been shut down; I think that is not the remedy. We need to work collectively to deal with this health hazards.

Few tips which help you to tackle air pollution are:

1. Air Mask 3 mm: Go for it…Don’t think twice, just go for it. Go online or nearby chemist shop buy an air mask. It makes a big difference to your breathing as it filters the oxides particles and exhalation valves are also present. It is highly beneficial as the air pollution level in Delhi has reached alarming levels.

2. Car Pool: 

Avoid going alone. There are numerous benefits.

(i) You adding your contribution to safe pollution

(ii) Have company while driving

(iii) Saving on the bucks: When you are doing carpooling, there is a huge benefit of saving money as you can take out your car on alternative day basis. In this manner your cost of commuting will be considerably reduced. But make sure about the timings part. I don’t want you to waiting and turn up late to the office.

3. Clean: Cleanliness is the key all current problems. One of the points that have been highlighted by the current Delhi Government is to sprinkle water to reduce dust pollution. Just add a sprinkle to your park or garden also. This will reduce dust.

4. Avoid street food: I know everyone loves Chatpata khana, as for lot of people it is heaven on earth .Your evening is completely packed with some hot piping dimsums or other Chinese food or some Chaat or Gol Gappas. But my humble suggestion is to avoid street food at least for a week or so as the air is already polluted like a Tandoori furnace. So, don’t add your contribution to it and avoid street food. And the food is already has the dust particles and all sorts of pollutants to it.

5. Avoid products with VOC: They are the volatile organic compounds which are easily inflammable…Avoid use of that like nail paints, sprays, air fresheners and many other..Go natural. Use neem and Camphor to ward away the mosquitoes..Try and find your natural things and stand out of the crowd. Who knows some budding naturalist entrepreneur is on the way..

6. Use each energy sources efficiently: Be it electricity, petroleum or any energy source.


7. Go Green: Just plant trees..Be it herbs, shrubs or seeds. Just plant, as we can see the leaves of the trees on the pavement are covered with the soot. Black soot…Soot shows that trees are working for us to purify the air. Plants new trees so that they can help in cleansing and purifying the air. More trees and less pollution…So, 


8. Collective Approach: We should not be having this attitude of doing things alone.

Join hands

Contact RWAs for carpooling as they can help you. Have a small community meet on weekends and plan to do any activity like planting or cleaning. Involve kids too in the activities as they will learn and grow.

The current pollution level in Delhi is alarming and they have proved to be hazardous. The few mentioned precautions and devices like gas masks will help in curtailing the pollution.

These views are of Mr. Ankit Jain, CEO, EBazar.Ninja on the alarming pollution levels and smog in Delhi region.

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