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Health resolutions every college student should take

Amid classes, assignments, relationship issues, and maintaining a social life usually makes college students abandon critical things such as wellbeing and their physical health. We all agree that the college stress is inevitable but we need a healthy lifestyle in order to juggle the numerous commitments we make every day. So this new year let's take a step towards healthy college life.

Wake Up. Exercise. Repeat Every day.

It is no surprise that you are finding it impossible to make time for gym/yoga in your overloaded schedule. To make sure you give your body the needed fuel, try to work out at least three times per week. Take a membership in the campus gym or join the yoga club. Plus, It will reduce your stress too.

Establish A Daily Routine

You may be the busiest person on this planet but still you can go through an easy to follow routine. It comes with bonuses as it will keep you motivated, your sleep cycle would be proper and you'll be able to cut yourself some slack.

Less Coffee. More Water.

If you are a caffeine person and cannot start your day without a cup, you may be surprised to know that it's only because you lack nourishment and sleep. After sometime your coffee makes you drowsy and lethargic which is opposite of what you want. Always drink water to hydrate yourself and you will realise it refreshes you more than a cup of coffee.

Eat Quality Junk Food.

Admit it! You just cannot wake up one day and say I'll never put extra cheese on my french fries. So instead of abandoning your cravings for junk food, give it a health boost. Ask the Subway guy to use multigrain bread and use chedder cheese instead of normal one. Drink Fruit Juices instead of your regular coke and munch on organic chips and replace your milk chocolate with variations of dark chocolates. That's It. This junk is 80% more healthy than what you're eating before.

Don't Overcommit and use those extra hours to take a nap.

In order to climb that ladder of success we forget that even laptops these days goes for sleep. Constantly stressing on the overflowing to-do list increases blood pressure and stress level which may cause long term problems. Know your priorities, manage your work and give your sleep some extra hours. You'll realise how great it feels and you'll be lighter on your feet.

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